“Politics Of Desperation 101” With Prof. Elizabeth Childs.


Left Leaning Libby Lies


On July 12th, The Elizabeth Childs Campaign issued a “Media Release.”

Rather than announcing something new about Childs’ campaign, an event, or her positions, the release was nothing but a whining diatribe aimed at Sean Bielat.

It appears, Dr. Childs is short on ideas, far behind in the polls, and desperate to get some attention for the media. So she’s relying on the oldest trick in the book. It’s a simple, well-known strategy. Make baseless accusations of the frontrunner. Then hope you get some press coverage because you’re attacking the candidate with name-recognition. It’s called the “Politics of Desperation 101.”

So let’s talk about the accusations leveled by Dr. Childs.

(I) Sean Bielat refuses to debate:

A Picture Paints 1,000 Words…. But This This Is Too Much Fun …
So I’ll Go On Anyway:

Here are the facts:

  1. All three candidates in this race have agreed to four debates and possibly as many as two more are in works. That’s more than enough debates for a Congressional Primary.
  1. These are the ones that have been scheduled thus far.
  • Jeff Katz Radio Show, 7/17
  • NECN, 7/30
  • Stonehill College, 8/14
  • Several Bristol County RTCs 8/13

On a side-note. Ms. Childs seems to forget there’s a third candidate in the race, as she spends all her time attacking the frontrunner Sean Bielat. Since Dr. Steinhof entered the race, Sean Bielat has consistently been the one to stipulate that Dr. Steinhof also attend any debate in this primary season.     

  1. All three or at least two of the candidates have already made several appearances together where they were allowed to speak and take questions. While these are not formal debates, they offer attendees the ability to make side-by-side comparisons.  Such appearances included:
    • Newton RTC
    • 4th Congressional District Republican caucus
    • Norfolk County Candidates’ forum
    • Easton RTC
    • North Attleboro RTC
    • Bellingham RTC
    • Hopkinton RTC
    • Second Amendment Rally

So that’s already 8 different events, in which 2 or all 3 Candidates in this Republican Primary, have appeared jointly–spoken about their views– and taken questions from the voters.

  1. Dr. Childs whines that Sean Bielat has been dodging debates for months. Well I’ll be kind and call this a 1/2 truth. It is true that Dr. Childs started asking Mr. Bielat to debate her twice a week in January, if not earlier.  On February 1st, the Bielat Campaign responded by stating Sean’s full intention to debate Dr. Childs. However, they noted that nomination papers weren’t even available yet! Think about this folks, no one even started the process for qualifying for the ballot. The number and names of candidates had yet to be determined. And Elizabeth Childs was actually asking for bi-weekly one-on-one debates.

(II) The Childs campaign attacks Bielat on the issue of Campaign Finance:

Here are the facts:

Here the Childs’ Campaign tries to compare apples to oranges. They try to compare a complaint filed with Federal Elections Commission (FEC) by Bielat against his 2010 primary opponent Earl Sholley with the fact that Bielat took a $10,000 perfectly legal salary in the last few weeks of his campaign. Bielat disclosed his modest salary after the campaign (remember, he gave up almost a year’s wages, while running for congress against a well entrenched incumbent…and he had several mouths to feed). He also fulfilled all his obligations to fill out the proper financial disclosure forms to the FEC, in a timely manner.

The legitimate complaint against Sholley wasn’t the same thing by a long shot. That complaint dealt with Sholley not properly itemizing his campaign expenditures from 2007-2010 and converting these funds to personal use. This amounts to a pattern of faulty reporting made over two election cycles! That does not compare with taking a legal salary and reporting it in a timely fashion to the proper controlling authority.

And yes the FEC dismissed the charges against Mr. Sholley and his Treasurer. But it was not an unconditional absolution. Here is the direct quote from the FEC Ruling.

The Commission dismissed the matter in light of the Committee’s proposed remedial action, its recently filed reports and its original disclosure of its total expenditures. The Commission reminded Earl Henry Sholley for Congress and Gengo, in his official capacity as treasurer, of the requirement to itemize expenditures exceeding $200.

So the FEC did find that Mr. Sholley had done something inappropriate. They didn’t fine him. But they did require “remedial action.”  And they reminded Mr. Sholley and his Treasure of the requirements of the law.

(III) Dr. Childs goes after Sean Bielat about his job. This is Elizabeth Childs doing her best Barack Obama impersonation. I like to call it “Bain Capital Lite.”

Here are the facts:

Childs claims that Sean Bielat refuses to disclose the investors in his new start-up company. Oh my Lord!  He won’t even give the name and address of the company. He must be hiding something.

Well Dr. Childs it’s a start-up that features a website. I’ll take a wild stab and say it’s located Sean’s garage. Duh…

As for the investors, they must be disclosed on the House Ethics Financial Disclosure form, that all candidates who intend on raising or spending over $5,000 must filed within 30 days of qualifying for the ballot (primary or general election) or by May 15th. Remember good Doctor; didn’t you fill out the same form? Or maybe your apparent lack of knowledge on the subject should have us wondering if you did!

(IV) Dr. Childs states that Sean Bielat  returned from Pennsylvania  to run for office, only after Barney Frank had announced his retirement.

Here are the facts:

Dr. Childs knows the truth and Sean Bielat has already addressed this question.

Sean and Hope moved to Pennsylvania because they were expecting a second Child. They did so to be near  Hope’s parents and her doctors. Hope’s previous pregnancy had been difficult and she needed the help. More importantly, the Bielat family wanted to have access to the doctors whom they were comfortable with and were familiar with Hope’s medical history.

They did what they thought was best for their family. They always intended to return to Massachusetts because Hope has not finished her studies at Boston University.

Elizabeth Childs and her campaign know all this. They’ve known for months and it’s been public knowledge for months. Sean has stated it publicly. Maybe Dr. Childs doesn’t understand Sean and Hope’s decision to go back to their doctors of choice for prenatal care. She’s so damned obsessed with the right to choose abortion that she wouldn’t legally ban sex-selection abortions. So maybe Dr. Childs’ compassion ends with her concern for protecting a woman’s  “right to choose.” I’ll let you the reader judge for yourself.

What is indisputable, is that this is a below the belt, cheap shot. Like the rest of the “Media Release,” it’s a desperate attempt by a desperate candidate, frantically trying to get the press to notice her. (Well, we did. But this is her last 5 minutes minutes of shame. From here onward, this is one candidate we hope to simply ignore… then again, given her liberal fundraising activities, we expect the worst from the Republican for Convenience, Uber-Liberal, 20+ year Democrat/Unenrolled wannabe.)

She states that she got into this race because she’s sick and offended by the uncivil, partisan bickering and finger pointing. All the while, her campaign has featured nothing but whining, finger pointing, and lies.


Come to think of it, her whole campaign is nothing but Obama Lite!















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7 thoughts on ““Politics Of Desperation 101” With Prof. Elizabeth Childs.

  1. George

    Childs has no business being in a Republican primary and the fact that a doctor and mother would attack Sean and Hope for taking a few months to take care of their young family is HORRIBLE.

    Hopefully after Childs gets her tail kicked in the primary, she’ll go back to her fellow Democrats and leave us alone.

  2. Redheadgen

    Bravo, John. Finally, a post that exposes Childs for what she is: a liberal Democrat hiding in sheep’s clothing. She constantly claims she is running a different kind of campaign, yet all she does is attack Sean personally, and, as, you’ve pointed out so well here, dishonestly. We cannot afford to waste our time with candidates like her. Instead, the Republican party needs to rally around the one who can actually beat JKIII in the general election. I support Sean, and if you’re serious about electing a Republican in the 4th district, you will vote for him, too. Now let’s stop wasting our time with moonbat liar liar pants on fire and get behind the candidate that needs all of our united support, Sean Bielat.

  3. Kimberly

    Childs is pathetic. She’s a hack and it’s highly doubtful she actually gives a rat’s a$$ about the district. Seems to me she’s only running interference for the Kennedy campaign.

  4. John DiMascio

    One thing I left out with respect to debates and forum. Dr. Childs was conspicuously absent from the 2nd Amendment forum in Carver. Childs claims to be pro-2nd Amendment on her website, but then talks about what she’s seen in the inner-city. And so she believes in “prudent” regulations. That’s just typical liberal double-speak and buzz language for we will incrementally erode 2nd Amendment rights.

  5. Good job John. The more we see of her act – the more it ~ seems ~ that somebody big like Axelrod / MoveOn / Soros is behind her.

    Clearly no Republicans. Her list of endorsements is essentially the Trustees of the RiNOs Club.

  6. RINO-Hunter

    Obama Lite? No more like Obama on steroids! Even Barack Obama, would have the good sense not to bring this sort of thing up.

    She’s also not to bright.She issues a press release and includes the very links that disprove her claims.

    She infers Bielat is hiding who is investors are, but she knows the law requires full disclosure. Yet, she thinks people aren’t going to bother to look this stuff up. It takes 10 minutes worth of Google searches to get the facts.

    Who is running her campaign and advising this woman? Please tell her to STFU. What kind of manager allows a candidate to put out press release that anyone with high school education can totally debunk in less than 30 minutes.

  7. John DiMascio

    Great Point RINO-Hunter…. Childs manager should tell her to shut up on this stuff.

    I’m watching the debate this morning and what’s she still talking about? Sean’s investors. He tells it’s available on his disclosure forms. She says yes I know, but why won’t you tell us? WHAT?

    Let me translate that for everyone. She’s looked at the Sean’s disclosure, found nothing of interest, but she still wants to make it look like Sean is hiding something. Like I said in my post, she impersonating Obama, and this is her lame version of “Bain Capital”

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