Dykema runs from the truth

Dear Friend,


Did you read my e-mail this afternoon “Lamb Criticizes Dykema For Ethics Vote After Report Shows Beacon Hill Cronyism Thriving“?

This is what happens when you vote with the Speaker 95.37% of the time!


This is the reason why my appeal is more important than ever and that is why I am resending my e-mail from this morning. If you did not respond this morning, please do it now, time is of the essence. With only 19 days left we have no time to lose.



The other night I debated Rep. Dykema. Many of the issues facing the Commonwealth can be difficult and can be distorted to mislead voters.


But sometimes issues are so clear cut…


Please watch this:





Lames Excuses for voting against transparency Carolyn Dykema


This is an easy issue to understand. I have been saying for months that committee votes should be made available to the public.


On the other hand the incumbent says she supports it as well, but she not only voted against putting committee votes in 2011, but she also voted against it in 2009. Yet, she claims to support it. See what I mean about misleading?


Then she tries to say that there was no research, no background and no explanation. Oops. There was a floor debate on it. This issue doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. A fifth grader can understand this.


In the end she came over to my position, because I embarrassed her into it.


The bigger problem is her trying to mislead the voters.


She said the other night she doesn’t take outside expenditures from the SEIU. I have a newspaper article stating the opposite.


This is what I am up against. She will say anything to get re-elected.


I need your help during these final 19 days. Will you please consider making an emergency donation to my campaign? We are $6100 short of our goal.


Your donation of $35 today will reserve your spot for the Michael Graham.

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A donation of $135 will get you both the Graham event and a tour of the State House when I am elected in 19 days.



Click here to donate now.

Thank you,






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