The Joint Committee on Transportation will be voting on the so-called Safe Driving Bill, H3285, tomorrow, Monday. This bill has nothing to do with safe driving and its sole purpose is to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Our best chance to kill it is to not let it get out of committee to the House floor for a full vote.

The Transportation Committee is supposed to take a vote on this sometime before 3 pm Monday so it is imperative that you call committee members tomorrow morning and ask them to vote against it. You can get a list of the members and their phone numbers at and then click on “Joint Committee Plus Talking Points.” You do not have to call Senator Bob Hedlund’s office as he is with us. Also on this page are reasons why the bill is bad for Massachusetts if you need any more information.

This is your chance to make a difference.

Please make the effort to call tomorrow morning!!

Ted Tripp
Merrimack Valley Tea Party

Below is the message I received from Jessica Vaughan:

Just received word that the illegal alien driver’s license bill, H3285 – otherwise known as the “Safe Driving Bill” —  could be voted on as early as Monday June 23 in the Joint Transportation Committee.  Please alert your activists that now is the time to call legislators – specifically the members of the Joint Transportation Committee and their own representatives.  If there is an opportunity to see them in person over the weekend, that is even better.

The sole purpose of this bill is to allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses in Massachusetts.  There are no provisions for driver training or to combat identity fraud.  States that have passed such legislation have experienced higher fraud rates and a surge of applications from out of state residents and criminals, and experienced no improvements in road safety or insurance rates.

A recent Border Patrol intelligence report on a survey of illegal migrants recently apprehended in South Texas revealed that Massachusetts is one of the top destinations.  Sanctuary policies like this provide further incentive to come here illegally.

In addition, this bill will degrade the integrity of the Massachusetts license as a form of identification.

Now is the time to register your views with Beacon Hill.

In addition, it would not hurt to mention that the Trust Act (S1135) and the Special Juvenile Bill (H1414) should also be rejected, because they undermine our immigration laws.  The Trust Act would shield from deportation all incarcerated aliens whose sentence was less than 5 years in state prison.  The Special Juvenile Bill would allow illegal aliens between the ages of 18-21 to be declared wards of the court and receive state-funded health and social services, AND shield them AND their parents from deportation.

It’s all bad, tell the lawmakers to just say No.

Thanks, Jessica

Jessica M. Vaughan

Director of Policy Studies

Center for Immigration Studies

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  1. Jackie Kostas

    Protect the borders!! This is out off control and we the people, tax payers we are suffering the consequences!!

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