Dear Friends,

I have knocked on 7000 doors and worn out two pairs of shoes so far this election season.
Our volunteers have dropped 38,000 pieces of literature door to door. We have held signs every week in each town.
I have put out several major reforms including a 13 point plan to restore integrity to the State House, a Small Business Bill of Rights, and ideas on creating transparency in campaigns.
Last time we came so close. The only reason we lost was due to a lack of money to compete. I don’t need more money than Sen. Murray. I just need enough.
We have the message. We have the people. We just need the money.
This morning I learned that Sen. Murray has placed thousands of dollars of radio spots. Are we going to let her buy this

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election again?

Unless people step forward I am afraid it might happen again. I have heard from too many people that they are only giving to Scott and Mitt. This is an urgent plea. I need your help today.
We can change Massachusetts for the better by winning this ONE race. But it won’t happen unless people donate.
Tom Keyes
P.S. You can also show your support by joining me next Wednesday at our Fall Kick-Off at the Plymouth Yacht Club, 34 Union St. from 7-9 p.m.

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