Don Humason Fills out a Survey, gets Pro-Life Endorsement…


GOOD NEWS is that the pro-life folks have a recent convert, if you go by the numbers below, something happened around 2012 to change a pro-death candidate to pro-life. That’s a good thing.

In 2004, Mass Citizens for Live gave State Rep. Humason a “44” score. That’s an F-.Similarly for the years through 2008 and 2009, the National ABORTION RIGHTS action league listed State Rep. Humason as strongly pro-choice, and endorsed him for re-election. In 2010, their flyer noted a ‘mixed’ rating for him.

2004: MCFL rated: Pro-choice (pro-abortion)
2008: NARAL rated: Pro-choice (pro-abortion)
2009: NARAL rated: Pro-choice (pro-abortion)
2010: NARAL rated:”Mixed” (not pro-abortion enough, concern is raised)
2012: Pro-life!


Fast forward to 2013 with a special election

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in a conservative district for State Senate, Don now sports a 100% firm endorsement from Mass Citizens for Life…..they picked him over two strong supportors for pro-life activities…candidates such as Mike Franco with decades of firm, strong, pro-life root, but no elected office experience.

Has Humason changed and seen the light?

And was it truly enough of a change to garner the MCFL endorsement, which obviously believes his recent survey responses outweigh up to 10 years of voting with the abortion crowd? Guess so.

UPDATE: We’ve been getting a LOT of e-mail off-line about how irrelevant the political wing of the MCFL has become over the years…and how bad their endorsements have been….




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