Doesn’t Pass the “Smell Test!”

Late Thursday January 24th, Vote Core Values was forwarded an email originally sent by Matthew Hedberg

It reads as follows:

From: Matthew Hedberg (Metrowest Mass Victory) <>
Date: Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 3:56 PM
Subject: Mass GOP Chairman Election Rally
To: (Name and email deleted.)


If you can believe it, over two and a half months have passed since the November election. Considering the results, it has been a great welcome to get our minds off politics during this time. We hope that you and your families had a safe and joyful holiday season, and we apologize in advance for again asking you for your help. In order to make a difference in Massachusetts we must start preparing now. With a special election looming this is the time to reenergize, and we have the perfect opportunity to begin.

Next Thursday, January 31st, the Mass GOP Chairman’s election will take place. This election is important because the person selected will not only play a central role in rebuilding the Party in the long-run, but will also play a great part in the upcoming Special Election for John Kerry’s Senate Seat.*

As of now, only two candidates are left standing: our very own Kirsten Hughes and Rick Green. Both candidates are well qualified and offer promising futures for the Party. Yet, there must be one victor and we, along with Senator Brown, are proud to stand with Kirsten Hughes.**

At 4 PM, next Thursday, we ask for your help. Team Hughes is looking for a strong showing of support for Kirsten on a very important day for the future of our party. Rick Green has called for 200 of his supporters to stand out prior to the MRP Chairman’s election, and we are hoping to match that.

Location is listed below:
4PM January 31, 2013
The Verve Crowne Plaza
1360 Worcester ST, Natick MA

PLEASE reach out to your friends, RTC members, state committee members, and grass roots activists. The more, the merrier! Signs will be available on site, but homemade signs are welcome as well.

Thank you so much for all that you do for our candidates and our party. Please RSVP, by replying to this email or by using one of the addresses below no later than January 29th, so that we know how many supporters to expect. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact either of us.

Matt Hedberg (phone # redacted)

Tom Campanella (phone# redacted)

No matter who you support, be it Kirsten or Rick, please come all the same. We are all Republicans after all, and this event is an important one.

Thanks & we look forward to seeing you all next Thursday in Natick and we hope you have all been doing well since November.

Matt Hedberg and Tom Campanella

P.s. JP Griffin, the former MetroWest Field Director is now working down in D.C. We wish him all the best and ask that you try not to accidentally rsvp to his email.

You are receiving this e mail because of your expressed interest in the re election campaign for Massachusetts United States Senator Scott Brown.

Unsubscribe from this list: ***

Our mailing address is:
Massachusetts Victory
1671 Worcester Rd.
Framingham, MA 01701

This is so wrong on many levels!


Let’s analyze some key sentences in this email:


*– “but will also play a great part in the upcoming Special Election for John Kerry’s Senate Seat.”


Translation… no matter how many times the Hughes campaign denies it, Scott Brown is trying to install her for the sole purpose of taking complete control of all MA-GOP assets.


Nuff said on that… Next !


**– “we, along with Senator Brown, are proud to stand with Kirsten Hughes.”


Who is the “we” that is being referred to here? Yes the email was signed by Matt Hedberg and Tom Campanella. However, the header is from Matt Hedberg (Metro-west Mass Victory). Further, the street address given at bottom is that of Metro-west Mass Victory. Any activist receiving this email, will likely assume that Mr. Hedberg is referring to Mass Victory as standing with Kirsten Hughes.


So what’s the problem you ask: Well Mass Victory is a committee under the jurisdiction of the MA-GOP. It’s email distribution list, it’s employees, it’s funds, and it’s resources belong to the MA-GOP.

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It is an arm of the MA-GOP. Mass Victory was set up to help Republican Candidates running for State and Federal Office. It wasn’t set up to be used to promote any one candidate for MA-GOP Chair! Even the use of the name of Mass Victory for such a purpose constitutes grievous abuse.


Why you ask? Because someone receiving this email will likely come to the conclusion that Mass Victory, a fundraising arm of the MA-GOP, officially endorses Kirsten Hughes. And if Mass Victory endorses Hughes and Mass Victory is encouraging activists to participate in rally for Hughes, then the activist will think that Hughes is the preferred candidate of the MA-GOP for the position of State Chair.

Moving on to the next important sentence:

***– You are receiving this e mail because of your expressed interest in the re election campaign for Massachusetts United States Senator Scott Brown. Unsubscribe from this list:”


Notice that those who received this email did so because they had expressed interest in working for Scott Brown. Just after this note, a link is provided to unsubscribe. That link leads to a web page simply entitled Metro West Volunteers. However, this page links to a home page, which is the Facebook Metro West Mass Victory 2012 page!
So why does this matter?
This email was sent to folks in a database gathered at least in part through or by Mass Victory. Therefore we are talking about MA-GOP resources, even if Mr. Brown tries to claim some ownership of the database. Thus, Mr. Hedberg and Mr. Campanella, appearing to be acting on behalf of Mass Victory, used party assets to promote Kirsten Hughes over Rick Green. This action is a clear violation of section 7 of the MA-GOP By Laws. The applicable clause is quoted below.


Unless approved by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Committee, neither the State Chair nor any person employed by the State Committee, shall assist, aid or publicly endorse any candidate in favor of another candidate in either a contested Republican primary or in any contested election for office within the State Committee.


Mr. Matthew Hedberg the sender of this email is/was an intern at the Mass Victory Metro West Office. Mr. Tom Campanella, the other signatory, is/was a consultant for Mass Victory. But the salient point here is that they are writing as though they represent Mass Victory and therefore by extension the MA-GOP. Their status as direct or indirect employees of the MA-GOP, may have an impact on the punitive actions which may be taken against them. But the technical legality or illegality under the MA-GOP By-Laws isn’t really the question that State Committee members need to consider. The real and only question they must ask themselves is:
Does this pass the “smell test” and is this the kind of leadership that they want for the MA-GOP?



1. In fairness, the problem on surface appears to be the senders. If approved or supported by the Hughes campaign, then the problem is also the Hughes Campaign. As the e-mail was sent to HUNDREDS of people, and as it has circulated all over the net, it’s time she breaks her silence and makes it clear that she is not appreciative of this kind of abuse of the Mass Victory name or its email database. Otherwise her silence implies agreement.

2. It’s clear there are crazies and zealots supporting both candidates, the fringes and vocals of various camps. Kirsten certainly has some rouge players who have INSULTED her in their attempts to support her. Same goes true for any ‘anti-establishment’ person who Rick Green might not even know or support, but who, out of frustration with the MA-GOP, has signed on to support Rick.

Clearly, we need to judge each candidate, isolated from their fringe groupies. Focus on the band, not the groupies. In our opinion Kirsten is the weaker of the two candidates, on many levels. She needs not be further denigrated for any potentially unsolicited association with the likes of Mr. Hedberg, Tony Campanella, and anyone else involved in this abuse.



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5 thoughts on “Doesn’t Pass the “Smell Test!”

  1. Bob Monty

    If true, I “smell” an ethics violation as well. That falls under the Secretary of State’s jurisdiction because political parties are formed and administered by rules of that office.

  2. Dr. Ed Cutting

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I am still disgusted at what happened to the UMass Republican Club — and the visceral that was directed at me personally for doing what a faculty adviser is *supposed* to do for an organization he is (was!) the adviser to.

    The club and its adviser simply could not endorse candidates in a primary — the rule was simple — the club doesn’t support or oppose any Republican in the primary and and supports any Republican nominee in the general — the individual members (undergrads) can do whatever they damn well please but the club stays out of the primaries because it has to.

    The lechery and treachery of the Mass Association of College Republicans (MACR) is beyond comprehension. I want nothing to do with these people, I simply have had enough — I am not expecting the Mass Republican Party to be anything other than a shrinking version of what it has been for the past decade.

  3. Dr. Ed Cutting

    Kirsten Hughes. Any relation to Karen Hughes of the W Admin — I think that was her name.

  4. Lisa

    Nothing changes if nothing changes. You want the old establishment GOP again? It has worked so well in the past. NOT!

  5. Bob Johnson

    Electing Rick Green will be step one in the restoration the Republican Party in this state. No more betrayal by Scott Brown!

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