DiMascio’s Picks for 2012

Folks we are 10 days away from fundamentally RESTORING America! And we are also 10 Days away from advancing the objective of Ending One Party Rule in MA. Since we can now vote early in Massachusetts I’m sending out my voters guide now.


Presidential Ticket: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
United States Senator: Scott Brown
On the Ballot Questions
1) Right to Repair Law … YES
2) Physician Assisted Suicide…. Absolutely NO !
3) Medical Marijuana…. No
Please note that I’m only endorsing in races where I have sufficient knowledge of the candidate or confidence that the candidate will promote commonsense government. Bear in mind that in many cases I just don’t know enough about the Republican candidate. So my lack of an endorsement isn’t necessarily an indication that you should not vote for them. My default position is to vote Republican, however I encourage people to investigate positions of the Republicans running in the races where I have NOT endorsed and then vote your conscience!!!!

Candidates I know to be either solid pro life or pro family (or both) conservatives are in Red. That doesn’t mean that the others aren’t. I simply don’t know.
There are several Congressional races where I wholeheartedly endorse the following Candidates.

3rd Congressional— Jon Golnik
4th Congressional—Sean Bielat
Sean is running against Joe Kennedy the 3rd. I really don’t need to say more. But I will. Sean has a great resume, he’s served in the Marin Corps as Major. He’s worked as a private sector executive for a decade. He’s currently the CEO of an Internet Start Up. And most imporatantly he gave Barney Frank a run for his money in 2010, causing Barney to retire early!
8th Congressional—Joe Selvaggi
9th Congressional— Chris Sheldon
In the 7th Congressional District Carla Romero is running as an independent.
She’s a better alternative than

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Mike Capuano. So while I don’t give her my unequivocal endorsement.

If I had to vote in this district, I’d throw her a vote as much to vote against Capuano who is total Moon-bat.
For Governor’s Council I’m endorsing:
Charlie Cippolini in the 1st District
Earl Sholley in the 2nd District
Tom Sheff in the 3rd District (running as an Independent)
Mike Franco in the 8th Congressional District.
For State Senate I’m endorsing the following.
Second Essex & Middlesex — Paul Adams.
Second Worcester — Stephen Simonian
Middlesex & Worcester —Dean Caveretta
First Middlesex — James Buba
Third Middlesex — Sandy Martinez
Some of you know I’ve had issues with Sandy in the past.
She has disappointed conservatives with a couple of votes on the
State Committee. But Sandy has a history of supporting life and marriage.
I’m confident if elected she’s follow through on the promises she’s made.
Fourth Middlesex— Gerry Dembrowski
Second Suffolk & Middlesex– Steve Aylward
This is certainly a challenging race for Steve. He is running in order to increase Republican turnout in his district.
He’s spent the bulk of his time working for other candidates throughout the state including Scott Brown. He’s almost entirely self-funded his campaign turning down contributions; asking instead that folks give the money they want to give him, to others candidates with a better shot of winning.
Bristol & Norfolk— Jeff Baily
Plymouth & Barnstable— Tom Keyes (this is a very important and winnable race against Therese Murry the wack job Senate President)
Plymouth and Norfolk— Robert L. Hedlund (Mr, Hedlund unfortunately supports the expansion of the bottle bill, so he needs to hear from us. But he’s good man and deserves re-election)
First Essex & Middlesex — Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr
I have serious concerns with Senator Tarr on a variety of issues.
He’s running unopposed this year. But I have to give him credit. He’s raised money for all the Republicans running in State Senate races.
This has been one my biggest issues with MA-GOP. In the past they’ve only focused on the
high profile races. But under the leadership of Chairman Maginn,
and now Senate Minority Leader Tarr, House Minority Leader Brad Jones, and the newly elected State Committee
This is starting to change. I am truly hopeful that the Republican party in MA will indeed be rebuilt
and will become a strong and significant voice for commonsense in the Commonwealth.
For State Representative I’m endorsing the following:Suffolk County: 2nd Suffolk— Charles Klauder
Middlesex County:

1st Middlesex — Sheila Harrington
2nd Middlesex— Valerie Wormell
3rd Middlesex— Chuck Huniewich
4th Middlesex— Steven Levy
5th Middlesex– William Callahan
8th Middlesex— Marty Lamb
This is huge race. Mary is giving the CORRUPT Incumbent a run for the money. He’ll make a great State Rep.
10th Middlesex— Francis Stanton
Francis is a rising bright young star in the MA-GOP. He’s in an uphill battle, but has promised to continue running for office, no matter the outcome of this race. So lets get him some votes in this race, knowing that a good showing in Waltham will only help his future aspirations.
11th Middlesex — Greer Swiston
20th Middlesex— House Minority Brad Jones (unopposed)
Again like Senate Minority Leader, I take issue with Brad on the issue of marriage. On life he’s a mixed bag. However, he has been supportive of fellow Republicans
and he’s been very accessible to the public. We’ll have to work on him on the social issues.
21st Middlesex—Walter Zenkin
22nd Middlesex— Marc Lombardo
23rd Middlesex— Joe

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24th Middlesex— Tomi Olson
This is 3 way race in Mitt Romney’s district. It’s an open seat and Tomi is well known in her community. She’s also been endorsed by CLT.
26th Middlesex— Thomas Vasconcelos
30th Middlesex —Karen Fratto
31st Middlesex—George Georgountzos (George is pro-life and running a great a campaign. This would be a great pick up for MA-GOP and the pro-life movement)
36th Middlesex—Cathy Richardson (This is another great candidate who is running a strong race)
Plymouth County:
1st Plymouth—Viriato Manuel deMacedo
4th Plymouth—Stephen Coulter
5th Plymouth—Korey Welch
7th Plymouth—Geoff Diehl (Fabulous candidate, running a strong race)
8th Plymouth — Angelo D’ Amilia
12th Plymouth — Deb Betz (Fantastic Candidate!)
Barnstable County:
5th Barnstable—Randy Hunt.
Bristol County:
1st Bristol—Jay Barrows
3rd Bristol— Shauna O’Connel
(very important race. Shaunna exposed the EBT fraud and led the charge to reform the system)
4th Bristol—- Steven–Howitt
12th Bristol— Keiko Orrall
(again an extremely important race. Keiko is a terrific Freshman Republican that won in a special election. Protecting this seat is a priority)
14th Bristol —Elizabeth A. Poirie

Worcester County:
1st Worcester—Kim Ferguson
2nd Worcester — Richard Bastien
4th Worcester— Justin Brooks
5th Worcester —Jason M. Petraitis
6th Worcester —Peter Durant (very important race. Peter won this race twice. A Democrat judge forced a special election after the corrupt recount produced a tie.)
7th Worcester—Paul K. Frost
8th Worcester—Kevin J Kuros
9th Worcester —George N. Peterson Jr.
13th Worcester — Paul J. Franco
14th Worcester — William J. McCarthy (great candidate who is working hard. He’s also a state committeeman who works hard for other candidates.)
18th Worcester — Ryan Fattman
Berkshire County:
2nd Berkshire— Mike Case
Franklin County:
2nd Franklin —Susanna M. Whippes Lee
Susanna is running against a low life incumbent Democrat who accused her of conducting a cocaine deal.
The police showed up a Lee’s house, who demanded to be brought to the hospital for drug testing. The police found the charges baseless.
This only proves the Democrat incumbent to be classless.
Essex County:
2nd Essex—Lenny Mirra
10th Essex —Dwight (Dusty) Caufield
14th Essex—Karin Rhoton
18th Essex— Jim Lyons
This is an extremely important race.
Jim is Freshman Republican that has truly proven to be the “Lyon” of conservative Republicans in the house!
Hamden County:
1st Hampden — Todd M. Smola
2nd Hampden— Marie Angelidies

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  1. John DiMascio

    Folks I forgot two important raced.
    Please lend you support to the following:

    2nd Middlesex —Valarie Wormell
    14th Middlesex — Michael Benn

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