Did you miss the free condoms? Gomez Out in Front – Gay Pride Event

Available at many tables at the gay pride festivities…..

And, here’s a summary from Mass Resistance in case you haven’t seen it:

From www.MassResistance.com



Running to the left: “I’ll be a pain in the butt to the GOP”

Earlier in the week, Gomez released a statement saying that he if elected he intended to be considered “a pain in the butt” to the Republican Party, and that he “will go to work on them” to “support allowing two people to get married, whether they are gay or straight.”

This is not surprising given that Gomez had supported Obama in 2008 and had donated $500 to the Obama campaign, and said he supported Obama’s positions on immigration and gun control. Gomez also gave $1,000 to ultra-liberal U.S. Senate candidate Alan Khazei. (Yes, that’s the same Alan Khazei who hired infamous gay activist Kevin Jennings to run his non-profit group.)

On the abortion issue, Gomez claims to be “personally pro-life” but says that Roe v Wade is “settled law” and he would do nothing to take away a woman’s right to an abortion.



Should anyone vote for this guy?

Republican politicians in Massachusetts think they have the routine down pat: that they can be as left-wing as they want, and conservatives will vote for them because the Democrat is always “worse.”

In this case an argument can be made that as bad as the Democrat is — and Congressman Edward Markey is really bad — the differences between him and Gomez are largely in degrees. They both basically support a lot of the same policies. But Gomez has already said he intends to work hard to change the Republican Party. That’s a big danger.

Personally, we’re going to blank out the ballot on June 25.



O.K., let the flames begin folks. Comments always welcome…


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2 thoughts on “Did you miss the free condoms? Gomez Out in Front – Gay Pride Event

  1. haole

    after reading the entire article from mass resistance,not the editorialized version,i was shocked that they would drag gabriel gomez children into this.
    say what they want about a veteran,i’m sure the person who penned the article was a veteran,ya right !
    what are malcontents like this going to due when senator gomez is elected.

  2. I’m done voting for the lesser of two evils. That is the main reason why the MA GOP only holds 11% of Registered votes. In fact, I’m not sure Gomez would be the lesser, as he appears to be a RINO plant determined to destroy the Republican party from within, based on his own words. Not that things could get any worse. The bright side is that there is a growing conservative base that will only be energized by such tactics. So sending in a blank ballet or a write in for some conservative is the best way to protest this election.

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