Deval Gets More EGG on His Face; High-five to Rep. Scaccia

So, Deval pushes and pushes to raise taxes (AGAIN AND AGAIN….are you EVER going to get sick of this freak show tax-raiser???  how’s his wife doing by the way?  is there any truth to his …..oh, never mind….), and even helps to push through last-minute, silent, mid-summer’s nightmare tax on software services…. ONLY TO HAVE IT BLOW UP IN HIS FACE, as he AWAKENED the sleeping giant: the taxpayers, the business people, the voters.


So now, after the Republicans warned them all spring and through June that the vote was stupid, the Democrats finally realized how STUPID they were, and have spent the past month falling all over themselves spinning or apologizing for yet another stupid vote.


“By a 156-to-1 margin, the House voted to abolish the measure, which applied the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax to a range of software services such as building Web pages and computer consulting services. The Senate is expected to take up the bill Thursday and it could be sent to Governor Deval Patrick this week. Patrick, who initially supported the new tax, has said he will go along with the repeal….

Rep. Angelo Scaccia, a Democrat from Readville, cast the single vote against repeal, arguing it is unfair to retain a tax on cigarettes but not software.

“We’re keeping the addictive tax, because that’s just poor people who have an addiction, but we are giving away the tax for people who could afford it,” he said.

The Boston Globe
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Mass. House votes to repeal ‘tech tax’”

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