So, in addition to Ms. Childs who last year abruptly ended a lifetime of being a DEMOCRAT (including donating to a crazy liberal Democrat Mass. elected official), we have Bob Cronin of Boxford, formerly of Revere who spent the majority of his life as a DEMOCRAT, donating at least $6,200 to Democrat candidates.  And, the guy is now running (just like Childs) as a REPUBLICAN this year. (And yes, he’s still listed as a member of the Boxford DEMOCRAT town committee! What a hoot!).

And, Sandi Martinez has the same kind of opponent, another recent convert.


So, the question is, how many DEMOCRATS are running as REPUBLICANS this year?

One is interesting. Two is curious. Three is a pattern. Four is a conspiracy….

More to come…



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  1. haole

    a quick look at greg wanna be republican howes campaign finance report,did not take long to ferret out a democratic snake,trying to influence the republican primary.

    john dragat:500$ to wanna be republican howes.
    he has also contributed to 2 federal felons.
    diane wilkerson,federal inmate,and a democrat.
    salvatore dimasi,federal inmate,and a democrat.
    timothy cahill,wanna be federal inmate,wanna be democrat.

    he has contributed thousands of dollars to democrats.

    vote core values thinks this howes and supporters are for change?

    – Bob Cronin
    – Elizabeth Childs
    – Gregory Howes

    Yes, you are 100% correct. They are Dems. They are liberal.
    Howes will provide improvements over the prior gal who held the seat (and we hope she dries out someday), but not much. He’s a liberal, and proves it more and more every day, the more you learn about the guy…..

    Again, you are correct.

  3. haole

    this howes is some kind of magnet for democrats,must be a democrat.
    michael burke swampscott,attorney,nutter,mcclennon&fish.
    tom finneran,federal felon,and a democrat.
    timothy cahill,wanna be federal felon,wanna be democrat.
    thousands of dollars to democrats.

    jack curran,holden,see above post for dianne wilkerson.

    gloria sarkisian,west hartford,ct.
    john rowland,federal felon,republican.

    vote republican in the primary,vote sandy !

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