DEMOCRAT REP Carlos Henriquez: Taken away in Handcuffs, to serve 6 months in Jail

Carlos Henriquez Suffolk County D.A.’s Office via CBS Boston



The good news?
1. He didn’t get sentenced for kidnapping.
2. He didn’t get sentenced for attempted rape.
The bad news?
Another Massachusetts Democrat Politician goes to Jail.  Another entry for our Wall-of-Shame.

Rep. Carlos Henriquez, 37, will spend six months in jail, after being sentenced to 2 1/2 years……for punching, beating, assaulting a woman he was dating at the time…and a lot more…….

The web and the newspapers are full of articles on this and details…..just google the name….we need print no more about this guy.  (Ah, except to remind him that nothing good happens after midnight….ah, you would THINK he could figure out that driving to Arlington at 3 a.m. to see his ‘girlfriend’, punching her, dragging her home, having her have to escape from the car near Northeastern wasn’t the brightest thinking on his part…..)…

We just pulled this pic (below) from the archives….ah, the good old days..:


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3 thoughts on “DEMOCRAT REP Carlos Henriquez: Taken away in Handcuffs, to serve 6 months in Jail

  1. haole

    you put this criminal in the same wall as Gabriel Gomez ?

  2. Lonnie

    Always room for another CONVICTED DEMOCRAT on the Wall of Shame.

    As for Gomez, we have a special space reserved just for him when he site re-launches…

  3. haole

    if & when gabriel gomez decide to run for office again i will double my effort’s for his campaign.

    you can make sure the democrat has a advantage by linking him with criminal’s like henriquez.

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