DeLeo in the Crosshairs for Corruption – Jones called “DeLeo’s Poodle” – Republicans Refuse to Stand Up

Quite an ending to June 2014, which saw:

1. Brad Jones is “DeLeo’s Poodle”.
Noted WRKO Talk Show Host Jeff Kuhner joining the chorus calling for the end of the failed reign of  Republican House Minority Leader Brad Jones, calling him “DeLeo’s Poodle”,  poodle

and pointing out how the long-term minority leader Jones “muzzles” Republican opposition to the Democrat Gravy King House Speaker Bob DeLeo.


2.Corruption in the Statehouse? Say it ain’t so!


House Speaker Bob DeLeo, in the wake of the last 3 Democrat House Speakers either sentenced to jail time or pleaded out guilty (see our wall-of-shame), “The Gravy King” Bob DeLeo now finds himself as the center of crosshairs in a major corruption scandal trial regarding trading jobs for votes and support (‘spreading the Gravy’).  More details unfolding, including several members of his own caucus testifying in court and how their friends and recommendations got gov’t jobs after the DeLeo exchanges….details to follow…



3. House Minority Republican ‘Leader’ Brad Jones sat on his routund once again


along with the majority of his tiny team of followers at the statehouse, including Rep. Shiela Harrington (who stood AGAINST Justina Pelletier’s release, and led a charge on the house floor to unconditionally support the disgraced D.C.F. and court system — video available widely), while a $4.8B supplemental budget to fund the government to start Fiscal year 2015 was presented in the Chambers.

Jones and his ‘team’   would not stand up for a roll call vote (a basic listing of who is for, who is against, come on people, you SHOULD at least take a roll-call vote, not a voice vote).      So, $4.8 Billion in spending, and the Republicans couldn’t get 16 members (number required) out of 29 to stand up and demand a roll-call vote on the bill.  Where is the ‘leadership’ in this?


HUGE Kudos once again  to 12 Republican Reps:
(Someone called them Brad Jones’s nightmare team, or “the dirty dozen“):
Lenny Mirra, Shawn Dooley, Todd Smola, Nick Boldyga, Marc Lombardo, Geoff Diehl, Kevin Kuros, Leah Cole, Shaunna O’Connell, and Jim Lyons.  Representative Fattman and Durant were not in the chamber at the time, but have said they they certainly would have stood for the roll call (as they have done in the past, they have solid records of support for transparency).


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  1. Smashpc

    I bet you that Charlie Baker was against the release of Justina and in support of the DCF. That’s why he wouldn’t take a stand on the issue. Progressives are corrupt whether Dems or republicans.

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