Debbie Martell – WRITE-IN 7th Hampden Primary

My name is Debbie Martell and I am running as a Republican candidate in the Primary Election on a sticker campaign for State Representative in the 7th Hampden District, which includes Ludlow, Springfield 8 EFG, Chicopee B6 and Belchertown BCD.
I have decided to run, because I am verthicker Cheap Pandora Braceletsy concerned with the direction that our state has taken. Our legislators are disregarding the fundamental principles and values that are extremely important to the good citizens of Massachusetts. I will be a voice for the moral issues of the sanctity of all human life and marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage is the foundation of the family and society. I will uphold the Constitution of our rights as American citizens, especially our First and Second Amendment rights. Lastly, I will be a voice to cut wasteful spending, including government mandated health care and I will fight to lower taxes. Fiscal responsibility is a moral obligation that we owe to the people of this state. I would be honored to have your support and vote on Tuesday, September 9.
Please be sure to ask for a Republican ballot and write in: DEBORAH L. MARTELL 43 West Ave., Ludlow  in the box under the heading REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL COURT SEVENTH HAMPDEN DISTRICT and fill in the oval next to my name or you may contact me for a sticker.
Donations may be sent to:
CTE Debbie Martell
c/o Scott Martell, Treasurer
751 Center St.

Ludlow, MA 01056

Feel free to contact me at FOUR-ONE-THREE-547-8739 or via e-mail with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you.

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