Dear fellow 2nd Amendment supporters,

GOAL Member/Candidate for Congress David Steinhof Statement on Second Amendment.

Dear fellow 2nd Amendment supporters,


My name is Dr. David L. Steinhof and I am running for Congress in the 4th district.  I am a dentist and lifelong resident of Fall River where I operate my dental practice, continuing on the business my father established in 1947.  I am running for Congress because I believe we need to return to smaller, constitutionally limited government.  I write to you now to share my views on 2nd Amendment Rights.


As Americans, we have the right and responsibility to protect and provide for our families.  Burdensome and inconsistent rules for obtaining a gun license are unconstitutional.  The Constitution means the same thing in a big city as it does in a rural area, and the same thing in Texas as it does here in the 4th district.  Therefore, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the right of Americans to own and carry legal firearms will become more convenient, safer, and available regardless of jurisdiction.  As a Massachusetts citizen and voter, I fully support the passage H.1567 – GOAL’s Right to Carry Bill – to make Massachusetts gun licensing procedures clear and consistent across the state.  As U.S Congressman I will always support the right of the individual to keep and bear arms as the founders intended.


Throughout history, tyrants have disarmed the citizenry to gain absolute power.  Today, too many in Congress treat us like subjects instead of citizens and would like to rule us absolutely.  Liberty has no guarantees.  We must be constantly vigilant, or we will lose our wonderful freedoms and our American Way of Life. Our Constitution is designed to protect us from the tyranny of governments. The 1st Amendment is the mouth. The 2nd Amendment is the teeth.


I am a Class A license holder, and a member of GOAL and the NRA.  I am informed by the Constitution, my faith, my experiences as a small businessman and father, and the observations and experiences I have collected living in the 4th Congressional District for fifty years.


If you want to restore America to the liberty and prosperity possible only under a constitutionally limited government, please support me in the Republican primary on September 6th and in the general election on November 6th.  For more about my campaign please visit

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