Dan Winslow: A legend in his own mind

Anyone remember that Joke of a Candidate Dan Winslow who ran to SELF_PROMOTE himself as a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, I mean, ULTRA-LIBERAL REPUBLICAN candidate in the Republican Primary this Spring?


Well, he got his wish: he increased his profile, got on the front page here, and got an article in the Herald this past week where he’s so so so so happy that homosexual couples can now send checks to him from their joint checking accounts.

Seems the all-gay-all-the-time promoting salon ended up $150,000 in debt and surely wants to pay himself back (he loaned his campaign a ton a cash).

So, now he’s sending out the message that he wants to get his money back.  So, if you have it, he wants you to send it to him, because he wants to run again, for whatever comes along next, now that he’s spent his time self-promoting himself as being all-gay-all-the-time.

Questions: Where the heck are the candidates who run to provide some balance? Rather than just pander to one or another group?  What the HECK happened to this once admired legislator who ran to control taxes? Where did he take the turn LEFT?  Why does he pretend to be a Republican?





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3 thoughts on “Dan Winslow: A legend in his own mind

  1. Maybe he can ask the Mouseketeer and Chocolate Pants. They both have ‘LOTS’ of money, – and they know where to get more!

  2. mms

    Winslow is the social liberal AND fiscal conservative. IMHO – ideal positions for SUCCESSFUL Republican candidate in Massachusetts if such persons will ever exist. If he would have Gomez’s money – he would be substantially better GE candidate then him and would be about 50-50 with Markey. The problem is – he didn’t. And that’s probably his only problem, but – BIG one…

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