Reflecting on Delegate Counts: Trump Surges, Meanwhile Some Look to Give Cruz Delegates

Conservatives voted for Scott Brown the 1st time, then he screwed them. He did so at his own peril, and quickly became yesterday’s garbage, losing against the fake indian Warren.

Conservatives voted for Charlie Baker, then he screwed them (see related pages on the “Conservative Purge” being undertaken by Baker/Polito), but really, this was pretty much expected from Charlie. His own words “I’m left of Obama on the social issues” and it’s no surprise where he would try to pull the state.

So with the presidential race before us, Conservatives are about to vote for who?

Well, Sen. Cruz has been walking the walk and talking the talk, and despite the election jostling and fighting, Conservatives are lining up on both sides now, some for Cruz, some for Trump.
Trump is compelling, strong, and will get many conservative votes and many popular votes: our nation CRAVES for a leader who can fight off the socialism offered by Bernie Sanders and the woman he is running against. The nation has latched onto a strong popular figure,who won’t take guff from anyone, and he’s expected to steamroll through to the convention now.

But there is a compelling reason to cast a vote for Ted Cruz: there is no GUESSING at what Cruz will will do if elected, because he’s more than words, he HAS been the voice fighting for Conservatives values.

Some note that if Conservatives vote for someone other than Cruz, they’re taking a gamble, and crippling the Cruz campaign’s chances at any delegate votes out of Mass. (as if Charlie Baker’s apparent efforts to steal all those votes won’t be bad enough, but that’s another issue of speculation with the purge of conservatives he’s orchestrating from the People’s Board: the Republican State Committee governing board).

I encourage Conservatives to vote their hearts, and if their hearts tell them that Cruz could use some delegate votes, then give him the vote, and with it, help deliver  him some delegate counts to keep a strong conservative message in the discussion as we attempt to recover from the Obama/Brown/and perhaps even the Baker years.

– Editor

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