Corruption In MA GOP Rules the Day Again

Jun 21, 2012 FROM



Corruption In MA GOP Rules the Day Again

The MA GOP continues to find creative ways to stifle grass roots enthusiasm and to provide more reasons for the 90% of MA registered voters, who refuse to register as Republicans, to

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maintain their present status.


With the GOP allocation committee’s decision to decertify 17 delegates on an absurd technicality they appeared to make up on a whim, it is clear that the old cronyism is still alive and well in Massachusetts politics.
However, this dastardly deed is so blatant and the stench so appalling, I don’t know why anyone would want to vote Republican in Massachusetts, other than to avoid the stench coming from across the isle, which is even more appalling, but not by much, I assure you.


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6 thoughts on “Corruption In MA GOP Rules the Day Again

  1. haole

    i due not see what the big deal is.
    sign a piece of paper that you are going to vote at the convention for romney.
    the only reason to not sign is that you have no intention of voting for romney at the convention.
    now you have more time to help elect republicans to office.
    when more republicans are elected to office because of your efforts,you will have a bigger say on how things are run.

  2. 1. We signed their document, and their had it in their possession well before the Delegate Allocation Committee met
    2. The document was poorly written, “You could drive a truck through it” said a lawyer
    3. There are no provisions in the rules for additional hoops to jump through to become a delgate.

  3. haole

    this is politics,all you wana be delegates had to due was sign a piece of paper in a timely manner and you would of had your delegate badge to the republican national convention.
    since when are a lawyers advice on signing an a piece of paper needed?were you signing over the deed to your house?
    the rules are there just look,just cause,is in the rules.

    1. John DiMascio

      @Haole… In fairness to the aggrieved delegates: They did sign the affidavit. Also I’d seek legal advise as well before signing something that came with penalty of perjury if I wasn’t sure about it.

      That said; To Mr. Wyatt, the rule says they can refuse to certify. Therefore a request for and affidavit was a way to ensure the loyalty of the delegates.

      But, you did sign them. So they should have certified you.

      1. haole

        yes the wana be delegates to the republican national convention did sign the affidavit,after the deadline.
        if they were so concerned about legal advice,why wait until time was against them?
        sounds like m. wyatt and others did not like the outcome and now are crying foul.

  4. John DiMascio

    @Haole, you’re making some assumptions. We don’t know when they received the affidavits and how long they were given to return them. They were being asked to do something extraordinary. Not that I don’t understand or agree with this extraordinary requirement. It was still out of the norm.
    The point is while the MA-GOP might have been technically within its rights. It was a very stupid move politically.

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