CLT on the Ropes

Citizens for Limited Taxation

Clear, simple, direct, descriptive title for an organization that has been there for the taxpayer, through thick and thin, doing all they can to bring sanity to the state, in the face of unbridled popular ultra-liberal spenders and hacks.

CLT is on the ropes: workers depend on you passing along a small portion of your tax savings which they have earned for you, to help pay their staff.  Some years you can probably afford it. This year you’re probably broke and stretched after suffering SEVEN YEARS of tax increases courtesy of DEVAL PATRICK and his DEM. HACKS who have OWNED the state house, and FIVE YEARS of OBAMA LIES…..


Still, if you can, visit their site, make a donation within the next SEVEN days.
Send them $10 or send them $30 or send them more. Do what you can, make it hurt a little, because THESE ARE THE FOLKS who keep at least SOME controls on the Deval crowd, by showcasing the excesses, and keeping the public informed, and putting spotlights into the dark corners of the ultra-spenders working backroom deals.

After making your donation, double down in January: double your donation the second week of January.  Let’s keep our fighters in the ring.



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One thought on “CLT on the Ropes

  1. Thanks for the assist, Lonnie. If only CLT could collect one cent for every dollar we save taxpayers every year on just their auto excise tax alone, CLT would never again need to struggle to survive:


    For the last 39 years CLT has been and is an entirely member-funded grassroots organization. If enough taxpayers aren’t interested in supporting and keeping it going, then maybe CLT has been taken for granted and the message is that it’s time to go.

    To survive past 2013 and into the coming year, CLT needs all the support we can muster.

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