Let me start by saying that Vote Core Values is not the Boston Globe or the Main Stream Liberal Media; we don’t bury these kinds of clarifications on the back page.

In a recent post entitled “Moonbat Serenade” we discussed the possibility that one of Elizabeth Childs’ supporters was an attorney Jeffrey Sacks who works for Nixon Peabody LLP. This Mr. Sacks is clearly a Moonbat who works for a Moonbat firm that donates to Moonbats.

In that post we made it clear that we could not confirm whether or not this Jeffrey Sacks is the same Jeffrey Sacks that held an event for or with Elizabeth Childs. At the end of the post I asked the Dr. Childs to confirm the information. Again, let me repeat. At no time did we make any definitive claims.

We made the decision to post the article based on the following facts we were able to confirm.


  1. The Attorney Jeffrey Sacks lives in Chestnut Hill and therefore in the district.
  2. Childs has a confirmable track record of seeking out and accepting the help of Obama organizers. On the Jeff Katz Radio show she announced that she

    would not cancel an event to be held in the home of Margery and Gerald Shwarz, Obama grassroots organizers. Further, Childs was very evasive when asked about whether or not she would hold or had held similar events with other Liberals. In fact she boasted about reaching out to people she will never be able to win over, because anyone with political agility of a pregnant pole vaulter knows, if Liberals votes for her in primary, it’s because they want Joe Kennedy to face the weakest possible candidate.

  3. Childs donated to Cynthia Creem, a hyper-liberal who would thwart both the Initiative Petition process and the purpose of the Electoral College. Not to mention Creem is a tax and spend Big-government Democrat and Childs donation took place in 2010.

So any reasonable person would have their suspicions. And since they were legitimate suspicions, we made the decision to post the article and ASK THE QUESTION,

All that said; Lisa Barstow the Communication Director for the Childs Campaign, has informed us that the Jeffrey Sacks who participated in the event is a dentist and a life-long Republican. I firmly believe that Lisa would not deliberately and knowingly pass on information she personally knows to false. She has also provide a link to Dr. Jeffrey Sacks DMD’s website


So based on her word, I want to make the facts as we currently understand them available for our readers. It was never our to mislead or imply. And we did not. We put out our suspicions and asked the campaign to confirm them. I regret any possible misunderstanding that readers might have come away with, in spite of our disclaimers that we were not making a definitive claim. I further regret if any possible confusion may have caused people to think that Dr. Jeffrey Sacks had contributed to Democrats.

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2 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. haole

    yah,but your research showed that the law firm nixon peabody was a big time money machine for the democratic political machine.

    this law firm has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to democratic machine candidates.there participation in the democratic process is only matched by the labor union’s in the commonwealth!

  2. @haole… that’s true. But my purpose in this clarification wast to get the facts out there and explain why felt it right to publicly air our suspicions and publicly ask Childs to respond and clarify.

    I actually knew about Nixon Peabody from research I’d done years ago on the current Registrar of Motor Vehicles. That was the red flag.

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