Chicken Charlie Baker – Getting delegates the old-fashioned way—strong-arming them…

Perdue Chicken has a new poster boy in dough-boy Charlie Baker….afraid to debate his ‘Republican’ stances.

He has a chance to wipe the floor of Fisher prior to the convention (as his proponents have said he can easily do….’he can take him, easily, heck, he’s not a problem, that Fisher is conservative, Charlie can kill any conservative with one hand behind his back’).


But by refusing to debate Mark Fisher, Charlie might just kill any remaining chance of getting the votes of most conservatives come final election time.

Or more to the point:

Hey Charlie:  Scott Brown tried that same trick (gave the conservatives the middle-finger). How did that work out for him?


  • Charlie Baker refused to sign the No-Tax Pledge whereas Mark Fisher did  ANY UPDATES??  Would love it if he would…

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4 thoughts on “Chicken Charlie Baker – Getting delegates the old-fashioned way—strong-arming them…

  1. haole

    i can understand why baker doe’s not want to debate.
    the democrat’s will use any sound bit against him. you can include there supporter’s in the media.

    that should not keep him from debating fisher before the primary.i think he is intelligent and well spoken.he can not control the question’s which would be focused on social issues.

  2. Jim Gettens

    So Charlie Baker refused to sign the ‘No New Taxes’ Pledge. Quelle surprise!
    Back during Baker’s 2010 campaign Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation was one of his ardent supporters. He just stiffed her and all the rest of us.

  3. Newton4G

    I was under the impression that Baker did not want to debate Mark Fisher because Mark Fisher is clearly a better public speaker than Baker.

    Baker is like an aging heavyweight prizefighter who is ahead on points and hoping to run out the clock.

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