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4 thoughts on “Charlie Baker – Republican for Governor – Releases Videos

  1. haole

    good videos by the baker campaign.
    will help convince voters that he is smart and balanced.

  2. Releasing flattering videos is easy stuff,- you can edit, re-edit, and edit again…

    Debating an opponent with strongly held political and social convictions is a totally different matter, – and thus far Charlie is running away from any face-to-face debate with Mark Fisher.

    Makes me wonder why. After all, if Charlie wants to be Governor, – he’s got to get past both Martha Coakley, – and the Boston Media.

  3. haole

    the republican party state committee executive committee has voted to endorse Charlie baker.

    this is good news.all the money raised by Charlie baker for the republican party will be spent on Charlie baker.

    wana be governor fisher can now concentrate on his civil case against the republican party.he will need to spend his own money on his run for governor.

    of course I will be doubling my efforts for Charlie baker and telling every voter I can about wana be governor fisher and his quest to destroy the republican party.

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