Charlie Baker – A true Liberal

6_TEA_PARTY_wCharlie Baker has been on almost all sides of all issues, except of course abortion and gay marriage, of which he is a very vo Womens Lacoste cal supporter thereof. But when it comes to GUNS, TAXES, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, PARENTAL rights, he’s almost always Missing in Action, snubbing the Justina Pelletier Rally, the GOAL 2nd Amendment Rally, the Illegal Immigration Rally by Jeff Kuhner of WRKO.
Charlie is credited with helping to raise funds and support candidates for office for the past 5 years. True, but can you name even ONE Republican that he helped in 2012 who won? Just Womens Lacoste one?

Mark Fisher is the real deal.


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10 thoughts on “Charlie Baker – A true Liberal

  1. hoale

    welcome to the bizarre.

    if you can’t win a election with a winning campaign
    then trash your opponent.

    this type of politics is right out of the democratic
    play book.

    1. hoale


      your ballot is backwards.

      the ballot is alphabetical baker is first & fisher
      is second.

  2. Lonnie

    Nah, you’ve got it all wrong Haole.
    There’s a big difference between attacking someone on a person level, vs. reflecting their political actions and stances.

    Let me give a few examples:


    2nd Amendment Rights – MARK FISHER is ENDORSED by the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL). CHARLIE BAKER refused to attend the GOAL rally in the face of Speaker DeLeo’s horrific gun bill. Charlie took a pass, hid.

    Parental Rights – MARK FISHER was outspoken regarding the kidnapping of Justina Pelletier by Deval Patrick. Mark Fisher attend the Jeff Kuhner WRKO rally in Boston and spoke out against a corrupt, abusive, Democrat Deval Patrick Administration.
    CHARLIE BAKER refused to attend the Jeff Kuhner WRKO rally. He said “it’s up to the courts to decide”. Within weeks of the rally, the girl was released because of intense pressure by the VOTERS and Jeff Kuhner. The Pelletier Family was vindicated. The courts never did a damn thing. Charlie baker hid from the issue.

    Illegal Immigration – MARK FISHER was outspoken regarding Democrat Obama and Democrat Deval’s plan to ‘hide the illegals’. He attended and spoke at the Illegal Immigration rally in Boston, with upwards of 8,000 protesters present, who shut down the street and adjacent street. Unprecedented response. The effect: stopped the transport of thousands more to Massachusetts, for now. Charlie Baker said he agreed with Democrat Deval Patrick. Charlie Baker refused to attend the rally.

    Now, if we wanted to post a PERSONAL ATTACK against Charlie Baker, instead of pointing out his political positions, it would read something like:
    Charlie Baker has no spine, tries to take both sides of all issues, is afraid to get out in front of the unwashed masses, and Charlie Baker, with all his money, with all his medical background, should really consider getting that HIDEOUS mole removed from his face. He looks like a character on a Mel Brook Frankenstein movie.

    See, the difference: one attacks the person, the other exposes the person’s actions and lack of political courage.

  3. hoale

    I have received mailings from baker
    not fisher.

    baker’s mailers were about his idea’s on how he would

    fisher’s is using baker’s position to gain vote’s.
    those vote’s that fisher get’s in the primary are not vote’s
    that baker can earn for the general election.

    baker’s only choice is to reach out to those voter’s
    who are focused on economic struggle’s not social struggle’s.

  4. Lonnie

    “Fisher is using Baker’s position to gain vote’s.”

    Ah, no kidding. Exactly.
    Baker is PRO-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (supports Democrat Deval Patrick)
    Baker is PRO-GUN CONTROL (supports Democrat Speaker DeLeo)
    Baker is PRO-TAXES (refused to sign the CLT no net new taxes pledge).

    I could go on and on.

    The only thing “Republican” about Baker is his starched underwear.
    He’s a social liberal (more left than Obama, his words)
    and he’s going to hide and run when it comes to most other topics (leading from behind perhaps??): parental rights, taxes, immigration.

    Heck, FISHER should be hammering Bakers own positions right in his face.

    Baker is a liberal.
    And he’ll never be called “Gov”.

  5. haole

    “and he’ll never be called “gov”.

    let’s cancel the primary & general election
    Lonnie says because baker will never be called governor.

    we’ll just appoint coakley because Lonnie say’s so.

    1. Lonnie

      AGREEMENT! We reach agreement!
      Yes, let’s not waste another moment on Charlie the Liberal (guns, immigration, taxes, guns, and all the social issues). IF the Mass. Voters want a liberal, they can elect a DEMOCRAT.

      Great, great idea: Let’s focus our effort where it really counts, on down-stream candidates for the House of Representatives.

      Speaking of which, did you notice the MessGOP put out yet another e-mail today, urging us to contribute to them and vote in 60 days. See, even THEY aren’t paying any attention to the primary. (Their stupidity is only trumped by their arrogance.)

  6. John DiMascio

    Haole: .. Charlie started out this campaign sounding like he’d learned something from his 2010 race. He promised us a different kind of campaign this time around.

    Right after the convention… he started breaking his word to those of us in the base that spent a lot of personal political capital to try and avoid a primary.

    He says this election isn’t about Social Issues… so what does he do…talk about Social Issue and his Uber Left-wing positions. Karyn did the same thing. And no one expected him to change his positions. Simply at least mention the areas where he is better on these issues than Martha Coakley or Steve Grossman. For instance Charlie doesn’t favor taxpayer funded abortion, he also favors parental notification. But he’s never, ever made a point of stating it clearly when speaking about the issue. Charlie could have praised the Supreme Court 9-0 decision striking down the Buffer Zones. One can be pro-choice and still support the 1st Amendment Right to free speech on any public sidewalk. What does he do..?? He favors the new Buffer Zone law. Instead of hailing the Hobby Lobby decision as victory for free enterprise, property rights, and first amendment free practice of religions rights, he decides to announce that he wants to use $300,000 of taxpayer money to fund birth control. First off it’s not like birth control is a major expense… it runs what $10 — $20 per month. Secondly…. Haole… it ain’t medication. Medication fixes something that’s wrong…. If a woman is fertile her body is working that way nature intended. And pregnancy ain’t disease that needs to prevented. Yes, yes… I know on occasion the same drug or hormone is prescribed for legitimate treatment of other issues or symptoms. That’s the exception and in which case it is medication if so prescribed and contraceptive effect is a side effect of the drug. But hey Cocaine has a medical use too. It’s local anesthetic…. when it’s used for recreational use… then it ain’t medicine. Same holds with Estrogen….. when you use it for birth control… it’s recreational….. it so you can have recreational sex… without getting pregnant… so it ain’t medicine, it ain’t healthcare. It shouldn’t be covered…. unless someone wants to cover it.. and the government shouldn’t be paying it for it. And Charlie wanted to spend taxpayer dollars on it. That’s not fiscally sound position. Sorry.

    And then go down the list that Lonnie gave us…. Immigration… Gun Control…. and he ain’t all that great on taxes this time around.

    Charlie cannot win without the base. And if thinks it winning by being a Democrat, well that ain’t winning, it’s surrendering !

    I started out as a strong Baker supporter… I did not want this primary. I voted for Charlie at the convention. All because I took him at his word. No I didn’t expect him to turn into Rick Santorum. But I also didn’t expect him to say… hey I don’t need any conservatives to vote for me. I’m going after Democrats votes.

    Unlike some of my conservative friends. I do believe in a Big Tent GOP… but the center post of that Tent is the conservative base…. Charlie’s Big Tent, doesn’t even have room for conservatives. So how can I vote for him in a primary… when he broke his word and he has in as much said, he doesn’t want my vote.

    Should he win the primary, which is not certain, but I suspect he will, I will vote for him and support him. I always vote for the nominee of my party. But he has had many an opportunity to come across like a Republican this campaign and all he’s done is come across as Watered Down H20 or Fat Free Lard….. He seems to need a GPS to locate his political private parts, and show the political agility of Chris Christie in pink tutu doing a pirouette…

    I like the guy a whole lot personally. But I’ll be voting to send him a message in the Primary.

  7. haole

    elections have to have winners & losers.

    winners liberal republicans

    losers conservative republicans
    eg:fisher,alliegro,conservative house caucus.

    conservative republicans have 2 choices in the commonwealth
    of Massachusetts.

    mover to a conservative state or
    accept the decision of the majority of republican primary

    1. Lonnie

      Liberals – Baker, Chapman Tisei

      Final election in November:
      Winners: Liberals
      Losers: Liberals

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