Carl Sciortino is at it again: Let’s Add a Tracking Device to EVERY VEHICLE and Tax you for EVERY MILE YOU DRIVE

Carl “I’m proud to a liberal” Sciortino, the guy who launched his political identity 10 years ago by disrupting a mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston to kiss his gay lover (just one of several high-profile homosexual protests and outbursts which rallied more

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than $200K in campaign contributions and untold numbers of ‘volunteers’ from many states to support his homosexual outbursts) has a new mission now:

Carl wants to put a meter in YOUR car, and give you an NEW TAX: a tax on every mile you drive.

newtax And you thought paying 42cents on every gallon of gas you buy (around $8 to the government every time you fill up) was enough….. sciortino(Picture above is DIRECTLY FROM his Video and Caption from his Failed Congressional Race.. Let’s see, pro-abortion, pro-spending, pro-taxes, and he needed to TELL us he’s liberal?? Wow. Just wow.) Joined with Tricia Farley-Bovier, another liberal democrat, they’ve put forth house bill 3142. Their aim: eventually get a meter in every car…make sure big-brother is tracking you, and eventually roll out yet another tax. FARLEY-BOUVIER_Tricia Beware of laws and presents from Liberals.    

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2 thoughts on “Carl Sciortino is at it again: Let’s Add a Tracking Device to EVERY VEHICLE and Tax you for EVERY MILE YOU DRIVE

  1. Jim Gettens

    Is there a corollary between having a lax anal sphincter and the urge to continually screw Massachusetts taxpayers???

  2. Doug Dawes

    The scary part is the electorate that elected them. Other states are considering this proposition. Who spiked the Kool-Aid?

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