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Medford, MA …Robert Cappucci announces his campaign as the Republican candidate for State Senate. Lifelong resident of Medford, active community member, member of Knights of Columbus and RepubPandora Special Moment for lican State Committeeman for Second Middlesex District, Cappucci wants to take his passion for less government, quality education and pro-jobs agenda to Beacon Hill.

Robert Cappucci understands the challenges we face and why we face them. For decades our Commonwealth has been subject to one party rule. Our, well educated, innovative, and motivated citizens are sti Pandora Sale fled by over-taxation and over-regulation. Our current leadership is eroding Massachusetts’s quality K through 12 education, trading our higher standards for a national one-size-fits-all Common Core Program.

Cappucci’s approach starts with restoring balance to our dysfunctional system. Substantive debate must refresh the current stagnate groupthink. Replace the “government first and government always” approach to problem-solving, by unleashing each citizen potential. Create a thriving economic environment with less burdensome taxes and regulations.

Working in medical device industry, Robert sees first hand what negative impact on jobs the Obama-care Medical Device Tax is having on employment in his field. Therefore, exempting Massachusetts from this job-killer will be a first priority on his growth agenda.

We must drop Common Core standardization. Instead, strengthen our already first-rate educational system by restoring local control and thus ensuring we remain America’s beacon of education. Keep our graduates, the future risk-takers and job-creators, in Massachusetts building a stronger and better Commonwealth.

Serving in the Legislature is a privilege and sacrificial public service. It was never intended to become the existing perk-laden sweetheart deal at the taxpayers’ expense. To that end, Cappucci has pledged to forego a per diem for commuting expenses. In sharp contrast, the incumbent State Senator audaciously takes per diem to commute from Somerville to Beacon Hill. Adding insult to injury, she voted to raise and index the gas tax to inflation. This means it forever increases automatically, without a vote of legislature.

In short Cappucci’s vision is simple and refreshing: Maintain and improve quality education and allow the pioneering, motivated genius of Massachusetts’s citizenry solve the problems created by our onerous government.

To learn more about Robert Cappucci and his vision for the Second Middlesex District, visit where you can also follow him on Facebook.

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