Blacks ignore Obama, Riot, Steal Booze, Electronics, many wearing masks…knock out cameras

First, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Police in Ferguson Missouri, who did their best to ensure that no rioters killed anyone last night. Also, BIG CONGRATULATIONS for letting the world see what dumb people these rioters are: a 6 foot-five inch tall monster out of control ‘kid’ beats a cops, then charges the cop, and the cop puts him down with a bullet through the top of his head while the monster charges the cop, and the STUPID people in Ferguson think this is a great excuse to:

– break 25+ windows on businsses

– torch multiple cars

– torch multiple businesses

– break windows, loot businesses, steal booze, cell phones, electronics, anything they can get their hands on.



Punks in mask and hoodies letting the police know how they feel. A true display of their intellect.

riot1Rule #1:  Make sure you pull your pants down and walk like a duck and expose your underwear to everyone before breaking into a liquor store, stealing all that you can carry. Oh, and if you’re so proud of yourself, why the masks?


New Black Panther Party with pipe bombs – stopped by FBI.
Politicians tossing out racist bombs.

Blacks torch a police car, break into stores, steal booze, electronics

Beauty supply shop set on fire.

Ferguson Market looted.

McDonald’s looted.

Cell phone store trashed/looted.

Firefighters trying to work.

Camera operator for Fox News attacked by blacks who destroyed camera because Fox News was videotaping the looting.  Camera broken. Reporter O.K. Uses I-phone feed to continue broadcasting from that site. Other reporters show fires, tear gas canisters, etc.

9100 – Looting STL Cordless

Like a carnival atmosphere…


So, a cop defends himself, kills a 6-foot monster who beat on him, cop gets his life threatened…grand jury looks at evidence, takes testimony from many, and says, there’s no reason to prosecute the cop. He did nothing wrong.

SO, Blacks disagree with death of punk, so they feel compelled to steal, again, booze, electronics, etc.  Looting, breaking windows of business. toss trash cans through windows….live tv shows punk with baseball bat beating on a business window.

Cops toss out tear gas cylinders, police in tactical gear disperse crowd, but then looters again move to other shops.

Good size fire now in front of Walgreens…two police cars now ignited…crowd gathered around it….


Los Angeles – demonstration in large intersection – transit buses stopped. No violence yet. So far, violence only in Ferguson Missouri.   Folks with drums banging in the middle of the street. Stopping traffic.

Time Square  New York – large crowd building, large group of protesters with PRE_MADE SIGNS, for organized demonstrations. Expect in many other cities. New York Police not in open confrontation so far.



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3 thoughts on “Blacks ignore Obama, Riot, Steal Booze, Electronics, many wearing masks…knock out cameras

  1. 360,000 Union Soldiers died for this…?

  2. Jim Gettens

    ZERO, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and all the other Democrat Race Baiters seek to keep Blacks on the Democrat “You Owe Me” Hand-Outs Plantation, where no ethical, moral, or family values are required or expected, and likewise no discernment, learning, initiative, hard work, or respect for property rights or other legal norms. So now we have riots over an utter THUG who robbed a minority-owned (Asian) market, shoved its small-in-stature proprietor out of the way on his way out the door, resisted arrest, tried to grab the Police Officer’s firearm and punched him in the process, and then charged the Officer who killed him in self-defense. This is what you get for the so-called ‘Civil Rights Act’ of 50 years ago, folks!

  3. haole

    the policeman involved in this shooting has now resigned
    from the police department.

    a smart move since he would be unable to patrol
    and would have been a target and a distraction
    to the entire police department.

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