Bill Welds hits the WALL-OF-SHAME for endorsing yet another socialist

Weld The ClownBilly Weld, who exudes stupidity more than arrogance (which is saying something for the oh-arrogant one), just endorsed another socialist Democrat.  This one, a guy running for rep. in Middlesex county….a guy who has been endorsed by Pandora Beads UK Sale seemingly every liberal ‘progressive’ socialist organization available (and anti-gun rights, pro-illegal immigration, pro high-taxes, pro-big-government, etc.).

Weld is, and has been, a joke amongst most Republicans.BUT, he headlined the MassGOP (botched) Convention this spring. AND, he headlined a fundraiser with Kirsten Hughes this Summer for the MassGOP.

Wonder how the MassGOP feels about dragging this, this, oh, never mind, not worth printing the words here…but wonder how the MassGOP feels about yet another backstabbing….

Click the menu to view Republican Backstabbers on the Wala Pandora Sale variance l of Shame.

p.s. What Weld says means nothing, except it reminds us of how dumb the man is.

Here he is endorsing Obama in 2008.  A move he later ‘regrets’.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Welds hits the WALL-OF-SHAME for endorsing yet another socialist

  1. haole

    if someone is basing their vote
    on an endorsement
    then the person after voting should be lobotomized.

    if you don’t like the one who is endorsing
    then get a lobotomy before voting.

  2. John DiMascio

    LOL Haole….. problem is most voters in Massachusetts don’t seem to have a functional frontal lobe, hence the lobotomy would be redundant !

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