Bielat Responds To SCOTUS Obama-Care Decision

June 28, 2012
Sean Bielat Reacts to Health Care Ruling

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts – In the wake of today’s controversial Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District candidate Sean Bielat issued a statement calling for the repeal of ObamaCare and advocating for sensible, market-based healthcare reform.

“I am very disappointed in the Court’s ruling,” Bielat said. “However, I am not discouraged. It’s critical we repeal ObamaCare and work toward real healthcare reform that does not cripple the nation’s economy, but rather supports job growth, competition and innovation.”

Bielat went on to say that the bill has already caused significant damage to the healthcare system, but while some of the high taxes and burdensome regulations have yet to take effect, now is the time to take action.

According to Bielat, many of the law’s provisions will devastate the economy and freeze research and development in the medical field. Specifically, the individual mandate for small businesses and the 2.3 percent tax on the sale of all medical devices manufactured in the United States will result in the elimination of new jobs, widespread layoffs and enormous setbacks in American innovation.

Additionally, Bielat stated that the 3.8 percent surtax on capital gains taxes will stunt the growth of our small businesses and detract investors from the healthcare field.

“The White House chose to limit job growth and medical advancement exactly when our country needs it most,” Bielat said. “Those are two pillars of American prominence. I will fight for reform that boosts our economy, puts people to work, increases research and improves the quality of care. The President chose to ignore these goals.”

The administration, Bielat pointed out, passed this 2,700 page bill without completely reading it or fully understanding its toxic consequences. During oral arguments, Justice Antonin Scalia even quipped, “What happened to the Eighth Amendment [cruel and unusual punishment]?” when the issue of reading the entire legislation was raised.

Bielat concluded his statement by saying that he plans to thoroughly review the Court’s decision, after which he will post a more detailed response.

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