Babs Lit’ Alien’s Beacon Hill Blunders— Episode I “Bought and Paid For:”

Babs Lit' Alien

Well, it’s time to turn our attention to Wall of Shame Member, Barbara L’Italien; or as I like to call her Babs Lit’ Alien.

Where does one start? Lit’ Alien was ousted in 2010 by a solid Republican Jim Lyons.

Jim has the support of ordinary people. Babs Lit’ Alien has support of the special interests.

After Babs Lit ’Alien was defeated, the new Democrat State Treasurer gave her a golden parachute, to the tune of 100,000 taxpayer dollars per year. As the late great Boston talk-radio legend, Jerry Williams used to say – “A good job at a good wage!”

But the special interests want a return on all the money they’ve invested Lit’ Alien. Hence they’ve persuaded her

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to leave the comforts of a cushy make-work job on “Planet of the Hacks” in order to run once again.

Let’s look at just how much special interest money Babs Lit’ Alien.

In 2010 alone Lit’ Alien received:

$18,120 from Lawyers and Lobbyists

$ 5,300 from Trade Unions*

$ 5,225 from Public Employee Unions*


  • *Bear in mind that the figures from the unions only include funds from the unions themselves. They don’t include any contributions from individuals in those unions that donate at the strong suggestion of their union overlords. For instance in addition to the Public Sector Unions, people working in education (we might imaging mostly public school teachers) gave an additional $4,150. Welfare and Social workers gave Babs $2,400. So to we can add that to the $5,300 from the Public Employ Unions and we wind up with $11,850 dollars coming from Public Sector Employees.

How’s that old jingle go?

She’s in the union stable, when voting and breaking the public trust….

How about Babs Labor Lacky Lit' Alien?

Another note worthy category is people that work in Beer Wine and Liquor Industry. That totaled $1,650. I say it is interesting because shortly leaving office and assuming her make-work job at the State Treasurer’s office, Lit’ Alien was allegedly involved in influencing an ABCC decision that allowed a liquor license to be granted to Night Club (which could be zoned as strip joint) to open across the street from a Church in Lawrence. You can listen to details of this scandal here:

Maybe we should call her Babs Liquor License Lit’ Alien!

Cheers to Babs Liquor License Lit' Alien she's our bought and paid for gal!



So lets add up the some of special interest money that bought Babs Lit’ Alien in 2010.

$18,120 from Lawyers and Lobbyists

$ 5,300 from Trade Unions

$ 5,225 from Public Employee Unions

$4,150 “Education”

$2,400 Welfare and Social Workers

$1,650 Beer, Wine and Liquor Industry

$36,845 Total of some of Lit’ Alien’s obvious special interest money


The total from the top 15 industries that contributed to Lit ’Alien was $52,905.That means that just about 70% of these contributions can be directly linked to special interest groups. Of that 22% came from Public Sector Employees. These are the folks whose salaries Lit’ Alien has a direct or indirect impact on. Can you spell conflict of interest? And 34% came from directly from Lobbyists and Lawyers.

Now lets compare that to the same period for her opponent and current incumbent Jim Lions.


$1,925 Lawyers and Lobbyists

$1,500 Education

$ 0 Trade Unions

$ 0 Public Sector Unions

$ 3,425

That’s less then 10% of what special interests gave to Babs Lit’ Alien

The biggest contributors to Jim Lyons campaign were retired people. These are people struggling to make ends meet in a Massachusetts economy that Lit’ Alien is in part responsible for. And that grand total came to $3,608.

The total of the top 15 industries that gave to Jim Lyons was $16,546. So 21% (a whopping $3,425) of these contributions came can be attributed to special interest. … That’s hardly enough to buy a man’s vote. That’s less then 10% of what they gave to Babs.

So it’s easy to see why the special interests want Lit’Alien in back power.

She’s been bought and paid for to the tune of $36,845 at that’s just in 2010.

Over the next few months we’ll be looking at what they’ve gotten in the past from Babs Lit’Alien. And we’ll be looking very carefully at that various Moonbat proposals that she’s supported over the years. And we’ll have a special feature on how she used her office to attack the Catholic Church. Stay tuned for future episodes of Babs Lit ‘Alien’s Beacon Hill Blunders!


All the figures above came from:


























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One thought on “Babs Lit’ Alien’s Beacon Hill Blunders— Episode I “Bought and Paid For:”

  1. haole

    you can be sure that her run for office will coincide with warren and tsongas.
    as a matter of fact her campaign will be financed by the same people that have or will contribute to both federal candidates.look at her contributions from 02-05 inclusive.
    you will see a strange correlation between her contributions and the same contributes to warren and tsongas.

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