Attention Middlesex County Voters – Write in Angelo La Civita for Sheriff

Lest we forget!

There is in fact a State Primary election on Thursday Sept 8th.

Note this is Thursday this year, not Tuesday due to Labor Day.

Angelo for Sheriff 2

It is important that we vote, even we don’t have many if any contested races on the Republican side.

Middlesex County voters a have great  the opportunity to get a Republican on the November Ballot for  County Sheriff. Due to a technicality, Angelo La Civita  was unable to get the requisite signatures in by deadline. However his is mounting a strong “write-in / sticker campaign.”  He needs to garner 1,000 votes to qualify for the November 8th Ballot.

The office of County Sheriff, like other “law and order” related offices is Republican friendly. Even Democrats are Democrats, are predisposed to trusting Republicans on these issues.
Therefore, this is an awesome opportunity to challenge the extremely liberal Peter Koutoujian, who while in the State Legislature, voted for every zany radical left-wing notion,  catering to left wing special interests at every opportunity. Likewise Koutoujian’s  approach during his tenure as Sheriff, has been that of a comfortable career politician, pandering to the same radical lobbies.


Given all the crime, strife, and turmoil we see every night on news, it is imperative that Middlesex County elect a strong Sheriff, who places public safety over political correctness . By the same token we need Sheriff that understands effective crime prevention and public safety, requires a comprehensive approach that includes education, mentoring, and REAL rehabilitation, alongside deterrence and law enforcement.  I’ve spoken with  Angelo La Civita, he assures me this is the approach he will take. He further emphatically emphasized that he will support and defend,  the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth (in particular 2nd Amendment), serving the people, not special interests.

Angelo for Sheriff

Therefore Vote Core Values urges Republican and Unenrolled Voters in Middlesex County, to “write in” (or place a sticker, if you have access to one) Angelo La Civita for County Sheriff on Thursday Sept 8th.

To vote for Angelo on Primary Day follow these instructions precisely. Write them down or print them out… bring them to polls with you.

1) In the blank field provided for County Sheriff on your ballot write in

Angelo La Civita 13 Lakeview Ave. # 6 Reading
(if you have a sticker you may use that)….

2) IMPORTANT: Then fill in order to complete your vote you must fill the oval/ circle next to field where you wrote the above information or placed the sticker.


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