Attention Delegates to the 2014 MA GOP Convention: Vote Core Values

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Mar 17, 2014
Attention Delegates to the 2014 MA GOP Convention: Vote Core Values by the way is a great website that holds political candidates feet to the fire. Anyway…..
As I stated in my previous post at the Jazz Patriot:

Recently a Massachusetts conservative activist of impeccable conservative credentials, came forward on social media sites to blatantly proclaim he will be voting for and supporting a gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts that represents few of the principles conservatives, or he himself actually believes in.

But his decision was based solely on his desire win and to avoid a nasty primary campaign, that in the end, he believes, would only guarantee another embarrassing loss for the MA GOP to Democrats.

For some reason he failed to recognize that this was nothing more than the same tired old, compromising, “lesser of two evils”, campaign strategy that election after election forces conservatives to vote for candidates who are “wishy washy” on the issues that are important to them, and has relegated the MA GOP to only 11% of all the registered voters in the state of Massachusetts, once considered the cradle of American liberty.

The person I’m referring to has since printed a retraction and has acknowledged his mistake …so I guess the moral of the story is:


Anyway, lets hope our delegates to the MA GOP Convention this weekend don’t repeat this fatal error again.

There is nothing wrong with having a primary contest in my opinion if the candidates themselves see it as an opportunity to work together and focus on educating the low information and brainwashed voting public on the merits of conservatism and how liberalism, or if you prefer, “progressivism” has destroyed our nation as well as the individual states fiscally, culturally, and in matters of both national and domestic security, which btw are the three legs of Ronald Reagan’s Conservative stool.

And if I could add one more leg that is being attacked at both the

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national levels and at the State level, particularly in Massachusetts, it would be the US Constitution. .

So with our traditional Christian moral values and the US Constitution under attack constantly by out of control liberal demagogues and the failures and ineptitude of the Obama administration on display for the entire world to see, if ever there was a year to nationalize our GOP campaigns in all races, from “dog-catcher to Governor to the US Congress, it is this year.

So I suppose what I am really trying to say is I hope the delegates to the up and coming MA GOP convention this year select true conservative candidates for a change, whether such a selection creates a primary challenge or not. In other words:

VOTE CORE VALUES, like the name of one of my favorite web sites, and let the cards fall where they will.

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11 thoughts on “Attention Delegates to the 2014 MA GOP Convention: Vote Core Values

  1. haole

    total campaign contribution’s by wana be governor fisher 750$to the rnc in 2013.

    total campaign contribution’s by baker ,to many to list hear.
    estimate federal & state 100,000$ plus.

    at least Charlie baker has been making a contribution to republican’s running for office.

    mr.fisher has made a paltry contribution of 750$ to candidates he has donated 0 $.thanks for the advice,but I will be voting for the candidate that has helped republicans get elected.

    1. Sam Yellohw

      Interesting logic. The best candidates are the ones who have contributed the most money to campaigns in the past. Once in a while someone who has been successful in other pursuits in life decides to participate in politics as a player rather than a bystander. I see nothing wrong with that

  2. Newton4G

    haole, Charlie Baker’s support on behalf of candidates since 2010 does not offset his leftward drift on the issues since then.

  3. haole

    newton4G you are correct.that said where has mr fisher been the last 4 years ?

  4. Newton4G

    Well, Mr. Fisher hasn’t been playing the political inside baseball game. He was busy running his business. Back then, he was content to merely vote and complain. I’m glad he’s doing more than that now.

    1. haole

      he was so busy that a state wide candidate from his home town was not even worth support of any kind.

      1. Jim Gettens

        Charlie “Bend Over for Richard Tisei” Baker, who pronounced that he is “to the left of Barack Obama on social issues,” is just another RINO crony capitalist. He sold out Massachusetts taxpayers and premium-payers when, as CEO of Harvard-Pilgrim HealthCare, he supported the abomination known as “RomneyCare,” model for NOBamaCare, because he knew that state-forced enrollment and 53 legislatively mandated coverage categories would mean more premium dollars for his company and higher pay for him. Thanks a lot Charlie– we now have the highest average healthcare premiums in the U.S., and have ever since RomneyCare passed. Meanwhile most folks have a hard time finding primary care physicians in Massachusetts…
        The fact that this jackass spreads his money around means nothing. In the past he was a big donor to Citizens for Limited Taxation, run by Barbara Anderson, Chip Ford, and Chip Faulkner, who by their efforts over 30 years have saved Massachusetts taxpayers huge bucks. In 2010 Barabara Anderson was one of Baker’s ardent supporters. This year good ‘ol Charlie stiffed Barbara Anderson and us all by refusing to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge.” Yeah, he’s a real ‘Fiscal Conservative’ too, dontcha’ know?
        Yeah, good ‘ol Charlie Baker–the guy who has more money than principles or core values.
        I’m supporting Mark Fisher.

        1. haole

          could you keep the name calling to a minimum please.

          as for supporting fisher that’s great,it’s a free country.

          i will vote charlie baker,he has earned the vote by his tireless effort for republican candidate’s running the last 4 years.

  5. Jim Gettens

    You call it “name calling.” I call it descriptive. We agree to differ.

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