At actual Mass GOP Convention vote: Fisher GOT his 15%

The one person at the center of the recent MassGOP chair voting controversy, took the gavel during the Convention Voting for gov.

Yes, the face of corruption: Matt Sisk at the center of it all again. This guy has more tainted marks on him than 15-day old underwear.


You’ll note that as the numbers for Baker and Fisher were announced for the first many districts, they were quite high for Fisher…but as the event droned on, his numbers magically went down….this after visible angst and

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discussions on stage and alongside the stage by the vote-counting cronies of the MessGOP….and lots of side-stepping and side-conferences… and the place continued to empty out….



(State committeeman Bill Ryan of Haverhill takes the microphone in the audience to make the announcement of his district’s numbers…a sham-show as the numbers were alreadly ‘tallied’ at the ‘tally table’ during a LONG recess of the convention…..Other state folks line up behind him. Most of the delegates are gone…)

Reminder to those not there: the vote wasn’t made official until after the building was empty and the vote counters emerged from behind the black curtains in the ‘counting area’. The verbal vote Kabuki show was deemed invalid…. NO BALLOTS were issued to delegates: delegates had to verbally tell someone who they wanted to vote for, and that person wrote down the results on some sheet of paper, then transmitted it for transcription to another piece of paper by the vote talliers…behind the black curtains…. THIRD-WORLD voting.

“Remember, it’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes, that count.”


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24 thoughts on “At actual Mass GOP Convention vote: Fisher GOT his 15%

  1. haole

    the voting was fair an open.there was no pressure to vote a certain way at least in the senate district that i was sitting in.

    the blanks that were cast at the convention are discount the blank votes as discarded and not part of the tally is fuzzy math.when you vote in an election,the blanks are always counted as percentage of the vote.

    if mr.fisher want’s to get a court order to get on the ballot and be in a primary in september he has that right.

    i would advise saving some of those funds and building some good will towards other republican candidates either locally or nationally.he could start by sending his neighbor karyn polito a contribution.

    1. Polito? You mean the former Mass State Rep who was a fierce advocate for kids; – who overnight turned herself into a pro-abortion piece of arm candy for Charlie Baker?

    2. Well, not exactly true….if you listen to the count and do the math, Fisher got it.
      It was AFTERWARDS that they announced that we are to ignore the verbal reports, and go only with their numbers. I’ll post the broadcast numbers in a minute from the oral reports.

      Another interesting point: More than 50 blanks magically appeared after the verbal reports.

      Oh, and according to the rules of the convention, anything not covered by the convention rules are supposed to be adjudicated with Robert’s Rules. Go read them. Blanks don’t count. For anything, according to Robert’s, but, with the MessGOP, they do.

      Here’s a better one:

      If you voted for Mickey Mouse in your local election, that vote counts. You were there. It’s not a blank. But at the MessGOP, if you voted for anyone other than Baker or Fisher, your vote would not count, and would not count towards the total. But, at the MessGOP, it would count as a ‘blank.

      Disqualified Votes.
      A vote cast for any ineligible candidate or for any candidate who was not
      nominated and seconded in accordance with these Rules, or for any candidate who is
      removed from further consideration in accordance with these Rules, shall not be
      considered as a vote cast by a delegate present and voting, and shall not be included
      in determining the whole number of votes cast for any purpose of these Rules. ”

      “Committee reports shall be adopted upon a majority vote which may, in the
      discretion of the Presiding Officer, be made by voice vote. No committee report may
      be amended or substituted except by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Convention.
      Parliamentary Authority.
      The parliamentary authority for the Convention in any and all matters not
      covered by these Rules shall be the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order….”

      BOTTOM LINE: if it’s close, they can cheat.

      1 Second Essex & Middlesex 41 9 1
      2 Second Suffolk & Middlesex 29 5 1 **
      3 Second Suffolk 40 9 0
      4 Hampden 15 15 0
      5 First Bristol & Plymouth 10 22 0
      6 First Hampden & Hampshire 43 19 0
      7 Second Middlesex 49 5 1
      8 Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester 11 5 0
      9 Fourth Middlesex 22 27 0
      10 Second Hampden & Hampshire 23 11 0
      11 First Worcester 71 17 0
      12 Worcester, Hampshire, Hampden & Middlesex 34 6 1
      13 Worcester & Norfolk 71 1 2
      14 Plymouth & Norfolk 111 16 0
      15 Bristol & Norfolk 64 12 0
      16 First Middlesex 42 10 0
      17 Middlesex & Suffolk 5 0 1
      18 Bristol, Norfolk & Middlesex 64 5 0
      19 Norfolk & Suffolk 66 2 0
      20 First Suffolk & Middlesex 22 7 0
      21 First Suffolk 48 11 0
      22 First Middlesex & Norfolk 84 11 0 **
      23 Third Middlesex 68 16 1
      24 Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth 46 7 0
      25 Worcester & Middlesex 64 2 0
      26 Second Essex 57 3 0
      27 First Essex 80 13 2
      28 Fifth Middlesex 55 5 0
      29 Second Bristol & Plymouth 18 6 0
      30 Berkshire, Hampden & Franklin 24 3 0
      31 Second Plymouth & Bristol 46 11 0
      32 First Plymouth & Bristol 52 7 0
      33 Middlesex & Worcester 57 17 0
      34 Second Middlesex & Norfolk 64 4 0
      35 First Essex & Middlesex 84 23 0
      36 Cape & The Islands 102 16 0
      37 Plymouth & Barnstable 87 13 0
      38 Second Worcester 88 2 0
      39 Third Essex 69 3 0
      40 Norfolk & Plymouth 69 0 0

      2095 376 10 2481

      Percentage WITHOUT blanks 84.78% 15.22% 0.00% 100.00%
      Percentage WITH blanks 84.44% 15.16% 0.40% 100.00%

      ** Skipped, and then announced totals later in sequence

  2. Matt Sisk – the stereotype of the Establishment Fat Cat. He’s the kind of insider that gives our party a bad name.

    1. Peter

      So instead of belittling people on an online forum, why not do something productive to solve the issues that so deeply trouble you? Chilidish remarks about people with no factual evidence doesn’t seem like the most effective way to solve your issues. The fact that Polito is in your mind physically attractive means she is unfit for the job? As someone who acts as some sort of watchdog for open minded thought and process, I find it hypocritical that your first move is to use petty comments that do nothing but make you seem like a “stereotype”. A stereotypical critical loud mouth, yet do nothing hypocrite.

      1. Hey Peter. Two points:
        1. Take your own advice.
        2. You obviously have no idea who Iron Mike is.
        Check out He owns the site, he’s a marine. He ran for state committee but lost to a long-timer, but at least he put his name out there, put his skin in the game, countless times. He’s held Kirsten accountable (check out her listening tour in Newburyport for example….)…

      2. Aah Peter, if only you were brave enough to leave your name…

        Kayrn was a real hero [heroine?] to me for her advocacy on behalf of abused kids.

        But then SUDDENLY – when presented with the opportunity to ride Baker’s arm, – she announced that she’s PRO-abortion and PRO-gay marriage? I’ve told her to her face that I lost a lot of respect for her because of that.

        NOBODY is attractive in my eyes who is pro-abortion – PERIOD! Not Karen Polito, not Wendy Davis, – none of them. Women who are OK with killing their babies – or any babies – are grotesque in my eyes.

        There ARE other major reasons why I find Polity vastly under-qualified to be Governor, – the name Kathleen Blanco pretty much covers it. And FYI, I’m a big fan of Nikki Haley and Jan Brewer!

  3. haole

    votes are counted on paper not by word of mouth.
    the paper tallies are the official count,not someone speaking from a podium.
    if there is a question between the paper count and the verbal count,the paper count is the deciding factor.

    1. Ever hear of ballots?
      Voter I.D.?

      Some districts were in pure chaos.
      Lots of visitors were on the floor…’re telling me you have 100% confidence in the MassGOP vote? Please. You’re smarter than that.

  4. haole

    ballots are not used at a convention.the vote is taken off a delegate list.
    there is a person delegated by the party,usually the state committee man or women who is responsible for each district for polling each delegate who their vote is for.
    as for confidence in the process,yes everyone who wanted to vote did.
    the fact that 50 delegates did not vote either person for endorsement is not surprising.

    1. lonnie

      I was there. I know how the voting was done.
      They do a better job in Guateamala.

  5. haole

    fyi.the fisher campaign had people at the convention overseeing the vote total at all the vote table,on the convention floor,behind the podium.
    where there was vote counting going on,the fisher campaign was present.

  6. haole

    mike moore a democrat from fisher’s district,was a big advocate of throwing people who were members of the tea party into boston harbor.
    there are 30 days left to get on the ballot.
    to run for state senate you need 300 certified signatures.

    mr.fisher can make life difficult for this punk,instead of making life difficult for baker.think about it ?

  7. Newton4G

    Unfortunately, the MA-GOP Political Insider Group’s efforts to keep Fisher off the ballot have resulted in blowback that they were unable to contemplate.

  8. haole

    what blow back ?
    baker is the endorsed candidate of the convention.
    fisher is going to court.

    1. Again, best of Luck to him!
      He’s a great guy.
      Lots of money. Lots of donations.
      You noted donations to Democrats by Lively.
      I gave you donations to Democrats by Baker.

      Best of luck to them all.
      Can you say “Governor Coakley”? That what it will be if Charles doesn’t get his act together.

  9. haole

    well since you have foregone knowledge of the election outcome.
    i will inform all republicans the election is over.

    lonnie from vcv has declared coakley the winner.

    1. Lonnie

      Thank you mr. anonymous PB.
      I always love and enjoy charm, wit, intelligence, kindness, and insights.

  10. haole

    since you outing.
    you can take down the outdoor message add.
    this newsprint is no longer published.april was the last issue printed.
    your welcome.

    1. Lonnie

      Thanks for the info but not sure of the link between ‘outdoor message’ and ‘outing’? I have their newsletter (received earlier this week), but haven’t event taken it out of the in pile yet to read it…..

      Are you just continuing to be a Pain in the Butt (sorry, figured I should spell it out, just in case someone didn’t understand my sarcastic comment), or is there some logic here? (I don’t see why someone who appears logical, intelligent, and caring, spends time attacking fringe candidates, and holding double-standards for one candidate’s actions/donations vs. another….)

  11. haole

    this is politics,not beanbag.
    having double standards is not against the law.

  12. Love it!
    Fair enough. We reach an understanding.
    Have a good rest of the day!

  13. haole

    baker for governor !

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