A Very Special Nominee for the Wall of Shame:

ShameNormally when a politician does something that a Vote Core Values Advisory Board Member feels ought to go up on the Wall of Shame, the Board takes vote and the nominee for the dishonor is either accepted or rejected for our unique distinction.

However, this time we have a very special nominee. So special that Vote Core Values decided to let our readers vote.


Whether or not this nominee wins our award, said nominee should consider it a dishonor to be nominated. It works just like the Oscars don’t you know!


And the nominee for worst Republican of the year is: Drum-roll Please!

Senator Emeritus Scott Brown!!!

Scott Brown Goofy

He has earned this nomination for waiting until after the MA-GOP elected Kirsten Hughes our new Chair, after spending weeks sending the signal that if she weren’t elected he would not run, thus implying that her election would cause him to run.

Every Republican in

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the State is victim of this cruel hoax. But the most aggrieved victim is Kristen Hughes. First Kirsten had to endure the natural skepticism of those who believed she was only running to allow Scott Brown to take over the party. And the record shows that I was one of those skeptics and critics. Now she’s put in this horrible position. The conspiracy theorists will say she knew all along. I’m certainly not one of those. Moreover, the Dishonorable Senator Emeritus has created a crisis for Kirsten to have to start her tenure with. Here we are with less than month to gather signatures, and Kirsten needs to shop around for viable candidate to run for United States Senate.

Of course he’s also stuck to it any candidate who might have thought about running before, but wouldn’t consider it since it was assumed Brown was running. Had they had enough time, they could have sought out support, put together an exploratory committee, done all the things necessary to prepare with proper notice.

Brown also shafted State and Local Committee members. We have municipal elections to worry about. For towns we only have few weeks to gather signatures, as the elections are in the Spring; not to mention we need to help with the special elections for the Beacon Hill vacancies. Gathering signatures for Brown would have been simple. He has a machine in place, he has name recognition, plus people wouldn’t have to scramble to help Kirsten find and vet a viable candidate.

Scott Brown injured every Republican in the State as well. The hopes of regaining that seat are greatly diminished, because anyone we run, will not have the head start he had, they haven’t had a chance to get their things in order to run, etc, etc, etc.

Finally, all the voters in the Commonwealth were on the receiving end on Brown’s signature performance. He’s damaged the MA-GOP brand and in so doing he’s hurt our ability to end one party rule in this state.

But I reiterate Senator Emeritus Brown shafted Kirsten Hughes the worst of all. She starts her tenure with a cloud over her head and with a crisis on her hands. Now more than ever we need to support her and the party. She finds herself in a very unenviable position.

To vote look to right hand side of our home page.

Please feel free to comment.

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32 thoughts on “A Very Special Nominee for the Wall of Shame:

  1. Kathy Palmer

    Really stale…until you wrote…..Now more than ever we need to support her and the party. She finds herself in a very unenviable position.
    I’m ready. Are you?

  2. Kathy Palmer

    Really stale…until you wrote…..Now more than ever we need to support her and the party. She finds herself in a very unenviable position.

    I’m ready. Are you?

  3. Don W

    Scott did the right thing.
    Republicans need to find a backbone, if they want to win in this
    overly sensitive nanny state…..

    1. Don W

      Kristen will do her best, regardless who is running. Scott needs to get out of the way to allow other candidates the chance to run, thus giving us hope of actually becoming a cohesive Republican Party. We must build a future on more than one candidate, and Kristen will be the strong leader to bring forward these candidates. The backbone we need to rely on is the strength of the group having a solid platform and message. This is something that previous committees have failed to accomplish. I hope that Rick Green and Kristen find a way to make businesses and organizations work together, because it will take both of their strengths to pull this party together.

      1. John DiMascio

        Don you make good points. I hope you’re right about Kirsten. I don’t say that in cynical way.

        I think if in fact, she had intended to let Brown take over the party, as many of us feared, she got a wake up call by Brown’s actions.

        You’re right that both Kirsten and Rick bring important skills sets to the table. And in spite of the division, it’s good that we actually had a real race on our hands.

        If you think about both candidates had similar messages about building the grassroots. That would never have happened a few years ago. We never would have had a close race.

        But Brown needs to spend some time in the political dog house. He has infuriated just about everyone. Even the people who openly support him, are saying the same things behind closed door Don. You probably know what went on behind the scenes and what is now being said behind the scenes.

        Most of the people telling me to let it go, or are accusing me of being divisive are trying to promote another agenda. But they know I’m right. Get them in a room alone and they’ll tell you the truth.

  4. Lonnie

    If it’s a tie, can we get DeVito to run smokescreens while we allow Brett Anderson and Matt Sisk, to each vote again (wink wink).

  5. Bob McCorry

    I wish all this infighting would stop because we all have to work together to have any hope of winning upcoming elections. We should work together to get Republicans winning again and then work on reforming the party from the inside. Hanging out all the dirty laundry is not going to help.

  6. John DiMascio

    Let’s get something straight folks this isn’t about infighting nor is it stale stuff. Scott stuck it everyone and Kirsten especially.

    He knowingly deceived the State Committee members. A week ago today he told S.C. Members if Kirsten didn’t win he wasn’t running. Then Brad Jones says the same thing to Herald, and again another story appeared in the Herald a couple days later quoting unnamed sources close to Brown, stating he wouldn’t run if Kirsten lost.

    So he stuck it to Kirsten for whatever reason. Maybe he wants her control because he wants to run for governor. Then fine say so a month ago.

    Kirsten claims she didn’t know about this. And yes I believe her! I have friends that supported her both on and off the State Committee. I take their word on it. Besides it makes no sense for her to agree to participate in this kind of fraud.
    It puts her in a horrible position.

    And yes I do mean it when I said we need to get the election of the Chair behind us and move on. If Kirsten succeeds we all succeed. I’m an ardent advocate for my candidate, but when it’s over win or lose it’s time to get to work.

    Now part of that work is bringing transparency and reform. There are issues revolving around the first ballot and what Mr. DeVito tried to pull. That in no way calls in to question the legitimacy of the second ballot. But it puts a spot light on the need to do some house cleaning.

    Again, this kind nonsense by DeVito, and the other keystone cops doesn’t help Kirsten. But with like every other crisis, there is an opportunity. I’m counting on Kirsten’s leadership to stand up to these guys and do what is needed to restore, reform and establish transparency. And after the shaft she just got from Brown, she’s got every reason to want get rid of the puppet masters. This is an opportunity for Kirsten to shine.

    We need to support her in party building, in recruiting candidates, and in building a ground game. Likewise, we need to support and encourage her and support her as she takes on the “good ole boys!” or to steal a phrase from the campaign, the “The Rich White Men” that only care about making money off consulting fees or through the contacts they make by electing people to high office.

    Amen Sister! She wants to work with the grassroots and build from the bottom up. I’m with her. But she’s smart enough to know the rotten fruit has got to go! And I’m counting on her years of political experience and the fact that she “lives and breaths Republican politics in this state” to lead us in reforming what needs to be reformed.

    1. Virginia

      Do that AFTER the election. No time for it right now. This is a time for TOGETHERNESS.

      1. John DiMascio

        Virginia, we can’t sweep things under the rug any longer.
        So long as this cloud hangs over the MA-GOP, activists won’t give their all, people won’t donate, and the party can’t move forward.

        We not continue to simply act as if there is no problem. We keep on being told to move on and look forward. All the while the hubris, the underhanded behavior, the abuse of power continues.

        This in part is the reason why we party registration is down to 11%.

        The time for reform is now! There can be NO TOGETHERNESS with those who seek to corrupt the process. These are the people who have brought us to point of political irrelevance. These are the people who have diverted all our resources to their chosen top of the ticket candidate. These are the people that don’t care if we win or lose. They are only interested in making money of the campaigns.

        We have a cancer in the body and it needs to be cut out.

  7. Within JUST DAYS of his historic election, Brown was stiff-arming the TEA Party, the Veterans, and Conservatives in general.

    There are several known ways to ‘buy’ a politician, including money, sex, [and sex scandal], power, and flattery. Scotty fell for the FLATTERY,…’oh, you could be the next Jack Kennedy’.

    Then he said Elana Kagan was ‘fully qualified’ AND he voted for Dodd-Frank. Our 41st Vote never stood up for us.

    His campaign against Senator Squaw was tepid, lackluster, and this time he totally abandoned the Conservative Base. The last straw was him saying ‘he supports the assault weapons ban’, – KNOWING that the guns in question are NOT ‘assault weapons’.

    He stuck it to Republicans on purpose, – somehow he seems to feel he needs to exact revenge…

    I’ve been expecting this limp-wristed turncoat to change parties for a year.

    1. Mike Potaski

      Iron Mike: a question, if I may, about military promotion procedures. Do National Guard officers need Senate confirmation the same as Regular Army officers? If so, might that not also be an element of Brown’s playing nice with his Dem colleagues if he needed them to concur with his promotion to full Colonel?

  8. Mark Barnes

    He’s the person he’s always been – “what’s in it for me”. From the vote Thursday night, not much of a vote of confidence. He should have known by Nov 7th, he didn’t have the support required for another run. Shame on him for holding out until after the Chair election. He has now even skrewed his “other” core base.

    WOW, he skrewed the establishment lackeys! They aren’t used to that. I actually feel sorry for them. Really, I do. We came to realize what he was like; they kept holding on still thinking he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, even though many of them knew he really wasn’t with them the proverbial “80% of the time”. Silly establishment lackeys, couldn’t see the writing on the wall. Possible lesson learned by Scottie for future reference – Never skrew your core base(s). Hell, even real Dems know that.

    Go Scottie! I will stand up for you. Hold true to yourself and your Democrat liberal core values and principles. You don’t need to pretend anymore. You don’t need to tout moderate, you can tout full libbie left. It’s OK, we know; you’re safe now. The truth shall set you free! Maybe now you will change your party affiliation. Or better yet, go back to the ARMY full time and earn yourself a star or two. Barry needs people like you.

    1. John DiMascio

      Mark’s makes one good point. Brown shafted many in the establishment. And hopefully they’ll learn from it.

      The point here however, is that this presents an opportunity to for factions who have been at odd to unite. We’re all stuck in the same shaft. We will only get out together.

      1. Mark Barnes

        We, the past disenfranchized, dismissed, and disregarded, welcome all who have seen the light! TEA Parties, Liberty groups, 912 groups, MARA, all have open invites for any and all who have been skrewed for the last time by the dwindling MAGOP establishment and their operatives (we know who you are and we know what you do so there will be no infiltration in any groups).

        Search for listings of any group meetings near you which you may feel comfortable attending. Each group has a different way about it, but we are all on the same page. This death knell happened for a reason. We will take back our Party together sans the establishment hacks. Out with the bad air, in with the good.

        1. John DiMascio

          Note the reader, Mark has proclivity to go over the top, as he has done here. And of course he can’t figure out that in so doing he loses far more people than he gains by his rants.

          I’ll leave this comments up as perfect example of what the moderates and establishment folks use against use, when painting with a broad brush.

          1. Mark Barnes

            Giving people an option to take back our state is not a rant. Being one of the disregarded, dismissed and disengranchized, you should know. Are you a member of MARA? Have you ever attended a TEA Party meeting anywhere? Be honest John, I know.

            By the way, the moderates are flocking to MCA as most of them are “unenrolleds”. The establishment could give two hoots.

  9. Arthur G. Caesar

    I,m with iron mike on his comments. I froze my azz off holding signs all by myself on rt 88 in Westport, thinking Scott was our best hope, only to have him betray my trust. The in your face pro choice ads by him and family, then the below par rating from Goal, and finally his vote about the so called assault weapons, did the trick for me.
    Republicans need to quit trying to sound like democrats and get on with the things that made America great in the first place.

  10. Mark Barnes

    Gee Arthur, it sounds like you are one of the disenfranchised, dismissed and disregarded. There is a MARA group in Westport. You may want to check it out. http://massra.org/ Just look under the “9th” chapter as MARA is set up as congressional districts.

  11. Bob Monty

    I’m extremely glad that I left the fold three years ago: after being enrolled as a Republican for 45 years. It only took three attempts by my then-state committeeman to sabotage THREE campaigns in a row for state rep by encouraging newcomers with ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of Weymouth and its issues and with LESS THAN ONE-YEAR RESIDENCY in Weymouth to get me to leave.

    And when this guy was attempting to get re-elected to the state committee, he asked me to help and I did, until he insulted me on the ride home from a state committee meeting, the details of which I won’t go into here.

    There are people here on the South Shore who think I’m controversial and that I piss people off. That they piss me off is not a problem it seems. And most of these people are former Democrats that the Democrats wanted NOTHING

  12. Bob Monty

    I’m extremely glad that I left the fold three years ago: after being enrolled as a Republican for 45 years. It only took three attempts by my then-state committeeman to sabotage THREE campaigns in a row (over six years) for state rep by encouraging newcomers with ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of Weymouth and its issues and with LESS THAN ONE-YEAR RESIDENCY in Weymouth to get me to leave.

    And when this guy was attempting to get re-elected to the state committee, he asked me to help and I did, until he insulted me on the ride home from a state committee meeting, the details of which I won’t go into here.

    There are people here on the South Shore who think that I’m too controversial and that I piss people off. That they piss me off is not a problem it seems. And most of these people are former Democrats that the Democrats wanted NOTHING to do with.

    I was at the recent election hoping to see something that would convince me to go back. Ruefully, that didn’t happen. Sayonara GOP AND Scott Brown. What a disappointment he turned out to be.

  13. Mark Barnes

    Bob, go to the MARA website – http://massra.org/ . Look for your congressional district or a town nearest you if no chapter is currently formed. Don’t give up now. If you do not want to attend a conservative Republican meeting, seek out a TEA Party or a Liberty group or a 912 group in your area. They are mostly conservative unenrolleds who have left the Party and feel such as yourself. We know what is at stake. We have been joining together to take our state back from those who have gotten us to 11%. We showed what we can do Thursday night. Yes, say sayanara to the crumbling establishment Mass GOP. It is time for a new Mass GOP, and we can do it together.

  14. Mike Mosca

    Could anyone have trusted Scott after he dissed Chick-fil-A and sided with Mumbles Menino? Also can you trust a Party that actually believed that an R.G. ballot in a two way race wasn’t Rick Green?

    Kirsten knew that if you dance with the Devil, you will get burnt!That is a choice that she made.

    If she really cares about the people in this state, she would resign in favor of Rick Green. She has bitten off more than she can bite and it will result in a deleterious result to whatever is left of a Loyal Opposition in this Commonwealth.

  15. lisa

    I gave Brown many many chances. Then he signed a document with other Republicans saying he would NOT sign any UN Treaties during lame duck session. He signed them anyway! I can no longer trust him. He has violated the U.S. Constitution to many times. His email replies back to me are always, “I am Conferring with Senator Kerry” How shameful. This coming from a man who claims he is a independent thinker. Sorry Former Senator Brown, you lost your base and we see you for what you really are!

  16. DW

    1. I’m very tired of Caucasian Republicans being referred to as ‘Rich White People’ as if we should be ashamed of being white or prosperous.
    2. The MA GOP needs to rid itself of RINO’s and infiltrated Dems
    3. ESTABLISH A Conservative to Moderate Platform

    1. John DiMascio

      With 11% registration, I don’t think ridding ourselves of anyone is good idea.
      But you’re right on you’re first point and last points.

      1) There is nothing wrong with being prosperous no matter your race. We want to encourage upward mobility for all.
      However, the MA-GOP has been run by party elite pulling the strings for the sake of making money off of campaigns. They have not been concerned with promoting the Republican message, because they don’t care if we win or lose. The party and our candidates are just cash cows. Hence in MA-GOP is run by a bunch of greedy good ole boys.

      3)Absolutely right on the platform– no argument with you there.

      But as to point #2… the more we throw around the word RINO, the more we sound like a bunch of angry white people throwing around Ad Hominems rather then addressing issues, the more we play in to their hands.

      I have no problem with zeal, I have no problem with hyperbole being used to describe an issue or a behavior. But when we use it to paint with the broad brush we start to defeat ourselves.

  17. Mark Barnes

    John, get over it. I dont’ give a rat’s behind about what rinos think about people using that term. RINO is used nationally for a specific reason with a specific conotation. Heck, even other countries know what a rino is. Try listening to Mark Levin. Maybe he can explain it to you better. He’s on WRKO at 7, right after Howie. He was on a tear tonight about the rinos. He used other words too.

  18. John DiMascio


    This is for the benefit of those who would rather think rather than emote! It’s for those who want to persuade with their argument and have considered. This is for those that DON’T want their polemics rejected prima-fascia, because they are loaded with sardonic ad hominems that lack substance.

    Below is post from John LaRosa. John is a conservative independent who chooses to remain so because he feels the MA-GOP is to Liberal. So John’s conservative credentials are solid. John also has years of experience as a political consultant. His firm Four Tiers Strategies has worked with Congressional, Senatorial, and even Presidential campaigns.

    John does an excellent job at describing what a RINO is. The point being; we’ve overused the word so much, we’ve watered down the meaning.

    “RINO” vs. “Moderate Republican”

    A “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) is a voter, candidate or elected official who claims to be a Republican but uses the logic and language of the Far Left to demonize conservative dissent. “RINO” candidates are selfish and cowardly. They will say and do everything their poll-addicted “consultants” deem necessary to “win”, even if it means accepting and perpetuating “progressive” false premises, straw man arguments and blatant lies. They damage their Party, and the country, by validating ridiculous left wing arguments and providing perfect sound bites for liberal activists, talking heads and politicians. RINOs also fear the main stream media and, consequently, they relentlessly court their approval. That means, rather than educating and leading, they choose to pander and follow. They have no spine, no values and no soul. They can’t or won’t reject false premises. They are professional job seekers who should really just end the charade and become Democrats.
    “Moderate Republicans” may side with RINOs and liberals on some issues, (much to the dismay of conservatives like myself), but they never abandon certain core values or knowingly provide “ammunition” for the Far Left. They might “cross over” on a vote now and again, but they do so for solid strategic reasons that ultimately support the overall goals of limited but effective government, respect for the Constitution, national security and economic growth. They believe in empowerment over entitlement. They believe in American exceptionalism. They believe in equality of opportunity vs. equality of outcome. They simply choose a circuitous path from “Point A” to “Point B”. They are not “pure”, but they are pragmatic and well-intentioned…and there’s still a place for them in the GOP. (In many respects, Ronald Reagan was a moderate.)
    I believe that the distinction between “RINO” and “Moderate” is more than just semantics.
    As I witness the “circular firing squad” of internal GOP politics, I can only imagine the laughter in the Oval Office and DNC headquarters.
    Let’s weed out the RINOs through the primary process and give the Moderates a little slack…for now. At the same time, let’s differentiate between “Old School Dem’s” and the current crop of “Progressive Socialists”. Doing so may get them fighting with each other and increase GOP recruitment for the next election cycle.
  19. Virginia

    Isn’t it time to let go of the obsession with Brown and get on with party building? Brown is no longer in office and he is not running for anything, so why are we wasting time talking about him instead of talking about the future and opportunities for our party? Part of the problem, as I see it, is some people just like to spew venom. Good, keep it fresh for the election. Let’s save it for someone who is actually running against us instead of wasting our energy in internal tear-ups. Let’s go!

  20. John DiMascio

    If Mr. Brown and his machine would simply go away, I’d agree wholeheartedly with you. But that is not the case.

    His people are still pulling the strings behind the scenes.
    In some cases his supporters and allies are taking actions against those who dared to oppose his pick for party chair.

    All this makes it difficult for the party, especially the new chair to mover forward.

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