$9 million to Renovate the Governor’s Office, and guess who Deval Blames???

Deval Patrick, the queen, I mean, king of fine designer draperies, on the heels of massive tax increases has laced up a cool $9 million taxdollars to spend, not on bridges, not on roads, but on new drapes (again) and an extreme beautification makeover to HIS OFFICE, and that of his immediate (and huge) staff (a.k.a., court jesters).


I have to ask you: Would John Wayne spend money like this? On Drapes?

Is this guy a little strange, or what?

BH-2013-11-20-A004PHOTO – BOSTON HERALD    (Meanwhile, the Globe sits silent, no mention of anything but the need to raise taxes it seems…)



But get this, rather than admitting to what he is doing, Deval BLAMES the…wait for it…this is good….drum roll please…..the…
truly….you’re not going to believe this, right….>
o.k…..hope you’re sitting down…..
Deval blames his hand-picked Architect for the $9 million custom make-over!


That’s right. The king of fine draperies, wine, and limos, blames his architect!
And, he calls questions about the expenditure, “funny”.


Why would anyone question Deval? Why dare to question a $9 million office renovation.

Hey folks, while you throw money at this fool, look around your house or apartment.
Is there something you are doing without? An upgrade you could easily make with the THOUSANDS you give to the king each year?”


This is what happens when good people vote in folks who have no personal regard for taxpayers, and a fetish for fine draperies…..



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3 thoughts on “$9 million to Renovate the Governor’s Office, and guess who Deval Blames???

  1. haole

    he could blame republicans !

  2. Doug Dawes

    What’s strange is that he wants to spend $9,000,000 renovating an office that he won’t sitting in after the election in 2014.

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