TOM KEYES for Senate – Aftermath of Murray/36 Dems. slamming 4 Senate Repubs. for wanting to talk about Tax cuts!

Yes, you can’t make this stuff up.

High-school graduate Senate President mother Therese Murray shut down Republican attempts to bring up discussions of tax cuts during the budget process this week. And, even after Republican Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr pointed out court case supporting the Senate’s rights to discuss money topics, Murray not only told him too bad, she got her clan of 36 loyalists to support her unique interpretation.

Bottom line: give this out-of-touch Democrat Senate gang an opportunity to RAISE taxes, and they’ll spend all day with you.  Try to reduce (for example, eliminate the 1989 ‘temporary’ tax increases, or part of them), and they’ll find obscure ways to bully you to the ground, or dismiss you.

Fortunately, “twenty-watt Terry” as her non-fans refer to the “iron muffin” (another nickname whispered quietly in the halls) has an opponent this year, who, unlike the Rs in the Senate, Terry can’t silence, and he had plenty to say…

Today Senate President Therese Murray declared the state’s budget is not a money bill. That’s right; a budget that expends $32 billion of our tax dollars is not a money bill” Republican challenger Tom Keyes wrote.

“Only in the Massachusetts Senate, under the leadership of Murray, would a budget not be a money bill.  Once again, this shows how much they are running amok on Beacon Hill.  Two weeks ago, it was banning bake sales.  Now budgets are not money.”

Ms. Murray eliminated any chance to even talk about 13 amendements, including Sen. Tarr’s recommendation to look at reducing the state income tax by 1/4 percent.

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  1. a worthy endorsement !keys should of won in the 2010 election cycle,but was just below the congressional ballot election and was a casualty of perry’s run.this time around he will not have that albatross around his election and will be an easy win,55/45.

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