3 State Senators in Jail, 3 Speakers Convicted: TIME TO SEND A MESSAGE. Vote KEYES.

From Tom Keyes:

40 days from today people will go to the polls to decide who the next State Senator will be for the Plymouth and Barnstable district.

It is an especially important vote, because it can also force a change in leadership at the State House by defeating Senate President Therese Murray.
After three State Senators have gone to jail and three Speakers have been convicted of felonies, isn’t it time to send a message?
Isn’t it time to end the status quo?
Isn’t it time to hold someone accountable for the Probation Department scandal?
I can defeat Senator Therese Murray on November 6th if I have your strong financial support. I have knocked on over 8000 doors. Our team has dropped almost 60,000 pieces of campaign literature door to door. We have done and continue to do the necessary grassroots work.
However, I am in desperate need of funds to compete with Murray’s huge war chest.  Will you help me?
For anyone donating $100 or more today, I would like you to be my guest for dinner next January on the night of the inauguration.  This will be a special dinner reserved for people donating $100 or more over the next 4 days.
My goal is to raise $6000 by Monday.  Can I count on you?
Right now Senator Murray has radio ads on the air.  This weekend the Young Democrats of Massachusetts are canvassing.  And let’s not forget she is going to have multiple mailings from the SEIU.
We don’t need more money.  We need just enough to compete.
Please let me hear from you today.

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