The Rapoza Report

 By Linda Rapoza

“Shining the light of truth on the offerings of liberal pabulum” – Linda Rapoza

Warning to liberals & RINOs: This column is not for the faint of heart!



As we sit here in January 2013, we all know the horror of watching the train wreck in Washington as well as within our own communities at the hands of ruthless and arrogant tax-and-spend Democrats and dumb-founded deer-in-the-headlight Republicans. But as Ronald Reagan said after losing the 1976 presidential nomination, “The cause continues”. And it must.


To begin that journey, Republicans must be completely honest with one another, and understand who the enemy is. Under its present leadership, the current Democrat Party is no friend of fiscal or social conservatism. It’s no friend of the Constitution of the United States either.


The Democrat agenda is based on everything contrary to the Founders’ dream for a free society based on that which is governed by a free people. The Democrats’ partners in the press have made it clear. They will not defend us or the Constitution. It’s up to us now to explain the Democrat agenda in comparison to the Constitution, in detail, at every opportunity.


It’s been particularly heartbreaking to watch what’s now become an entrenched Republican Party establishment act as though conservative principles and the patriots who support them are dispensable. After reviewing much conversation by political scholars and pundits on both sides, I’ve think I’ve found the best explanation of what happened to our Party.


The best quote I ever heard came from a Democrat who said this:


“The 2010 (Republican) victory (of the House by Tea Party candidates) was not engineered by the Republican establishment. It was imposed on them. So they never accepted it.”


Truer words were never spoken. The rise of the grassroots was a winning message that could’ve been expanded to educate the masses on how big government was not only wrecking the economy and society, but how it was destroying our nation through the unraveling of our Constitution.


Remember, not too long ago, Republicans held the presidency, the House and the Senate. They not only squandered it, they abused it to the point that we not only lost the Senate and the House, but the presidency as well.

This gave rise to the Tea Party – a gift to Republicans. But the establishment squandered that too. The Tea Party’s message could’ve continued to help Republicans but the establishment wanted nothing to do with it. The establishment likened itself to Democrats and saw the Tea Party, the social conservatives, the base of the Republican Party, as the enemy, more than they saw Democrats as the opponents.

Even after the landslide victory for the House in 2010, Trent Lott, former member of the Republican leadership said of the new members: “We’ll just have to co-opt them when they get here.”

And how many of our Republican establishment friends in Boston felt the same way? How many Republican establishment state committee members voiced their disgust with “Tea Party types”? How hard did they work against social conservatives who were running for election throughout the state?

How deep did they dig in their heels against the conservative/Tea Party message that government was getting too big to handle and that it was devouring our liberties along with any hope we might have for freedom in the future?

How important was it to them to shove Democrat-lite “Republicans” (that could be depended on to mush the message) down our throats, and then demand loyalty in the voting booth?

They’re still assuring us that only candidates who won’t rock the boat can win elections. They still maintain that only candidates who can pretend to care about life but be willing to throw the issue under the bus when necessary can win as Republicans. That’s a bald-faced lie!

They really do believe that immorality has nothing to do with fiscal calamity even as we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion in order to “fix” the wreckage of a society gone berserk. That’s another lie! We’ve become slaves to the “fixing”, to the degree that we no longer work for ourselves and our families. We work for the government now.

And that’s where the Democrats come in. While the Republicans were toasting themselves with an assured “victory” that would come in November due to obviously failed economic policies, the Democrats saw the opportunity to snatch the winning grassroots message from the Tea Party (that the Republican establishment wanted nothing to do with), and ran with the image of a “compassionate” bureaucracy concerned with the “working man” through the aid of Obama’s Kingdom of Government.

The only way they could get away with it was with the help of their comrades in the Pravda press. The Democrat’s purposeful convolution of the Tea Party message was brilliant. It claimed the Tea Party was an extremist movement that was confused about the purpose of government; that through misguided patriotism, it was denying salvation through big Government programs and through the taxation of those who have won “life’s lottery” in order to pay for all that salvation.

The voters were easily convinced that the “revolution” was not in separating themselves from government, but in building dreams based on government – a mere exchange for strict obedience to a central authority. It was the Tea Party message cleverly turned on its head and dispensed by a media that’s abdicated its constitutional purpose.

The message became one that our Constitution, a document based on the governance of a free people, may have once served its purpose but was now “outdated”.

The Democrats depended on Republicans to sit quiet for that message, and they weren’t disappointed. It was a message that way too many establishment Republicans actually believe. Republicans found themselves between a rock and a hard place. They couldn’t be the appeasement Party for big government AND the party of Main St. Americans all at the same time. So they found themselves without a message to defend.

Nothing demonstrated better, the brilliance of evil minds in the highest places in Washington than the trick Democrats and their comrades in the media played on Republicans. Most of us thought Mitt Romney neutered himself by refusing to explain, in plain English, what the Democrats under the leadership of a Marxist was doing to fundamentally change this country. He did. But we’d come to expect that from establishment Republicans. We’d already spent 8 years of this at the George Bush rodeo.

Romney, like most establishment Republicans, was unwilling (or unable) to defend the message of the founders as Ronald Reagan had done so eloquently. The establishment was unwilling to speak the truth to the American people. The truth would’ve  “rocked the boat”.

And, so here we are – a Party divided like it’s never been divided before with an incoherent message being delivered by an establishment that’s lost all of its credibility at the expense of the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

Thanks to establishment Republicans, the image of the Republican Party as the elitist, uncaring professional friend to wealthy capitalists (i.e. evil people) is permanently cemented in the minds of half of the electorate. Oh, they may agree with much of our platform, but they don’t believe we “care” enough to make them a part of it, or to even defend it. So why should they trust us?

With all due respect to many of my friends, I must tell you that in no way, will I ever again support another weak (i.e. fake) Republican who runs for office with the intention of violating his/her oath of office with the intention of  “compromising” with anti-Constitutionalists. Democrats never compromise their principles, but always expect Republicans to do so, (which is why we now look more like Cuba than America did just a few decades ago). Compromising with Democrats is a one-way street which always leads left. This is unacceptable, always destructive, and it’s never ever been a successful Republican game plan.

When an elected official raises their hand and swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States, we can no longer assume that they’re doing so because they understand the Constitution or that they even believe in protecting it!

Unfortunately, we watched in horror as Scott Brown (who bragged about being “independent” more than he bragged about being a Republican) voted almost half the time with Democrats (he bragged about that too) and against fiscal and social conservatism as well as American sovereignty. His affection for U.N. global control was more than disheartening. Not long ago, it would’ve been considered treasonous for an American elected official to vote against American sovereignty in favor of any foreign control of any kind.

It’s not my opinion that the Democrat Party has become a socialist party. It’s a fact. And it’s something we must come to terms with if we have any intention of surviving this socialist assault against the American way of life. Bragging about voting with a party whose agenda is for the creation of a socialist state is not something to brag about.

The left is winning its arguments by virtue of the fact that Republicans, who claim ownership of the keys to our Party, have chosen to lie down and play dead rather than demonstrating the courage necessary to stand up for conservative principles. Many in the establishment have decided to pick their fight with us, the base, rather than with the Democrats, the opponents. We don’t even anticipate that it may be too late. The thought is too horrifying to contemplate.

Establishment Republicans have decided they would rather keep their “junior partner” status in the corporation of Big Bureaucracy. They don’t want to disturb their “arrangements” in Washington (or in Boston). This is their mess. They own it now. They’ve made their decision. Now it’s time to make ours.

We must begin at the bottom, and build up. Every single seat of every Democrat-held position in every community must be challenged. Republicans must take the initiative to serve their communities through elected positions from Mayor, to Administrator, to City Council, to Board of Selectmen, to School Committee, to dog-catcher. Tried and true Republican ideals and beliefs must be demonstrated as solutions to the mess Democrats have made and continue to make at the expense of our nation and the future of its people. It’s now or never.

And please keep this in mind: The most seriously dangerous of all the results of the last election and how it was conducted is the abdication of the press to do its job as the protector of the people. We have a First Amendment because the founders (though they hated the press) understood that we needed a check against the power of government. The power of government now has a friend in the press.

The Republican Party and its original ideals can only be saved if we maintain the promises of our Constitution, speak of them regularly, and demand that those we elect maintain them as well. Saving this nation is not only going to require well laid-out plans beginning at the local level of every community. It’s going to require courage – the kind of courage that doesn’t come from Washington (or Boston).

Linda Rapoza

President, 4th Congressional District Chapter – MA-RA

Chair, Fall River Republican City Committee


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5 thoughts on “1 Jan. 2013: THE RAPOZA REPORT

  1. John DiMascio

    Excellent points Linda… We must start from the bottom up, especially in MA.
    1) We have to save our cities and towns anyway
    2) We need to regain the public trust by showing taxpayers we can run a city or town before they’ll trust to run the State or send us to congress.
    3) We have to build both a farm team and a ground game. That can only happen effectively if we elect municipal officials.

  2. “We must begin at the bottom, and build up. Every single seat of every Democrat-held position in every community must be challenged.”

    This then, is the true destiny of the Tea Party fanatics;
    if you can’t effect broad policy changes in Washington you’ll concentrated on soft targets – like public schools.

    It’s just a matter of time until you’re a sad footnote to history. This is the legacy of the Baby-boomers, to grab what you can with both hands and hand the bill off to children.

    Take a good look at where the money is going:
    Old people and a bloated military in search of a purpose.

    Some patriots.

  3. John DiMascio

    Namoe Lixes as usual you’re out to lunch.

    I suppose you’d just kill off the “old people” who paid in to social security and medicare.

    As for the military, again get your head out of that sand.

    It’s liberalism that is a sad foot note in history. This is it’s last dying gasp. It’s one last attempt, like Hitler’s one last attempt on the Western front known as the Battle of the Bulge.

    Nationwide this country is right of center (by your standards). Actually what you call right, is center. All we expect is that nation remains true to its founding principles.

  4. Naome Lixes

    “I suppose you’d just kill off the “old people” who paid in to social security and medicare.”

    Given that expenditures exceed revenue, it would appear that older Americans are getting more in return than they paid. That’s a base transfer of funds (a subsidy) which is socialist.

    Are you openly supporting socialism, John?

    “As for the military, again get your head out of that sand.”
    The US Military, if you include VA benefits consumes 40% of the general revenue and has created tremendous debt to support
    two unfunded wars and an endless “War on Terror”.

    Are you openly supporting MORE debt, John?

    The Navy isn’t running bake sales to pay for boats.
    The Army doesn’t pass the boot to buy bullets.

    The Marines aren’t selling magazine subscriptions by phone.
    The Air Force isn’t ferrying freight to offset operating expense.

    EVERY military endeavor is paid for out of taxation.

    I would argue that drone strikes in a remote Waziristan pass
    have precious little to do with National security.

    The NSA is spying on the US in USofA. Are you supporting the
    warrantless wiretapping of US citizens, John?

    That’s one step away from the STASI, in our backyard.

    Some Patriot, you are.

  5. Naome Lixes

    “Nationwide this country is right of center (by your standards).”

    You don’t know my standards. That’s a presumption, and precisely the sort of overheated bloviation that drives reasonable people away from your cause.

    Nationwide, there are still cousins marrying, and nobody claims that’s a great idea. It’s still legal and a reality, but there
    are few rushing to embrace it as a recipe for a healthy America.

    “I suppose you’d just kill off the “old people” who paid in to social security and medicare.” Is that one of our choices?

    I would suggest that the balance of payments needs to be capped,
    after which the recipients need to be paying more out of pocket.

    Getting back what amounts to insurance coverage is one thing,
    handing off the bill for overage to children that have yet to
    be born – while limiting their employment opportunities amounts
    to slavery.

    Again, focus on a balance of your rights and responsibilities.

    You lot seem all too willing to tell young people the same.
    Some Patriots.

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