Gov. Candidate Mark Fisher: “Absolutely” opt out of Common Core, Gov. Candidate Charlie Baker: Give it a try, if it doesn’t work, scrap it

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When it comes to the topic “Common Core” (Google elsewhere), at THEIR CORE, Mark Fisher has been a consistent opponent. Charlie Baker steps back and forth on both sides of the issue. They’re starting to call him “WINDMILL CHARLIE”.

So, we’ve posted the video, so you can see how CHARLIE BAKER responded in debate on AUG. 13, 2014.

Also, below these comments, we’ve posted his latest website posting (as of Aug. 23, 2014). Good luck reading through the lines of the WINDMILL CHARLIE campaign.


QUESTION: Opt out of Common Core:
Mark Fisher: “Absolutely”
Charlie Baker: Try it out, if it doesn’t work (if kids don’t perform well) then scrap it.
“Testified against in it 2010…but…” and he goes on to advocate trying it out now that we know more about it than in 2010, and if it doesn’t work out, we can scrap it.

Mark Fisher terms that as using the children as guinea pigs. We should be clear about what this is, and not implement something that is high-risk and can be problematic, and is opposed by many communities.

FROM CHARLIE BAKER’S WEBSITE on AUG 23, 2014, just 10 days after the video, he’s windmilled again? Perhaps? Or how do you interpret these fence-straddling words? Sounds like perfect obtuse politician speak:

Common Core

Charlie testified publicly against Common Core in 2010 because he worries about losing control of the standards which have made Massachusetts the number one state in America in education. He supports strong education standards and believes those standards and measurements are best determined by teachers, parents and educators here in Massachusetts, not Washington D.C. As governor, Charlie will fight for high standards and accountability.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fundraiser: Karen Anderson – State Rep. Candidate ICE!

The political videos are great,
the campaign is amazing.
A strong candidate
surging forward
against the
a mother
silent no longer
determined to fight back for her community.

And, now some fun, for a good cause (great short video):

Debbie Martell – WRITE-IN 7th Hampden Primary

My name is Debbie Martell and I am running as a Republican candidate in the Primary Election on a sticker campaign for State Representative in the 7th Hampden District, which includes Ludlow, Springfield 8 EFG, Chicopee B6 and Belchertown BCD.
I have decided to run, because I am very concerned with the direction that our state has taken. Our legislators are disregarding the fundamental principles and values that are extremely important to the good citizens of Massachusetts. I will be a voice for the moral issues of the sanctity of all human life and marriage between one man and one woman. Marriage is the foundation of the family and society. I will uphold the Constitution of our rights as American citizens, especially our First and Second Amendment rights. Lastly, I will be a voice to cut wasteful spending, including government mandated health care and I will fight to lower taxes. Fiscal responsibility is a moral obligation that we owe to the people of this state. I would be honored to have your support and vote on Tuesday, September 9.
Please be sure to ask for a Republican ballot and write in: DEBORAH L. MARTELL 43 West Ave., Ludlow  in the box under the heading REPRESENTATIVE IN GENERAL COURT SEVENTH HAMPDEN DISTRICT and fill in the oval next to my name or you may contact me for a sticker.
Donations may be sent to:
CTE Debbie Martell
c/o Scott Martell, Treasurer
751 Center St.

Ludlow, MA 01056

Feel free to contact me at FOUR-ONE-THREE-547-8739 or via e-mail with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you.

Random Act Of Journalism Committed By The Boston Globe

Yes On 1Believe it or not the Boston Globe has actually written and published a fair and honest article / interview with Steve Aylward (Republican State Committeeman and Chairman on the Tank the Gas Tax Committee) and the State Representative Geoff Diehl. Both have been critical to this effort. This truly citizen driven endeavor to stop “Taxation Without Representation” has brought together reform minded activists from throughout commonwealth. The signature gathering was done by a 100% volunteer army. The measure made to the ballot because of tireless work of people like Marty Lamb, Desiree Awizio, State Senate Candidate Robert Cappucci, Chris Pinto, Vote Core Values own Lonnie Brennan… and organizations like the Massachusetts Republican Assembly, the MA-GOP and many Republican State Committee members. Of course Geoff Diehl is not the only legislator who joined the battle. Shaunna O’Connell, Jim Lyons are just two other prominent names giving of their time, talent, and treasure. And of course, we’ve been bolstered by Media personalities like Holly Robichaud, Howie Carr, and Jeff Kuhner. Returning to the article itself: Aylward and Diehl do a masterful job of making the case for why we must pass Question 1 this November… But what is astonishing is the Globe printed the truth!

The article starts:

When Steven Aylward’s four daughters were public school students in Watertown, he heard rumblings about budget problems and decided to look into how the town’s school system was run for himself. He didn’t like what he found.

Aylward globe picture

“There was all sorts of waste,” said Aylward, who soon won a seat on the Watertown School Committee and eventually became its chairman. “They always struggled to find money for the special education department, but nobody wanted to look at whether we could save money somewhere else. They had this attitude like, ‘We’re the school department; we know better than you.’ ”


Geoff DiehlToday, Aylward senses the same attitude from defenders of a 2013 Massachusetts law that mandates automatic adjustments to the state gasoline tax based on the Consumer Price Index. So, as he did when he ran for school committee, Aylward decided to do something about it. Along with several hundred volunteers and Republicans in the Legislature, Aylward gathered about 100,000 signatures to put a question on the November ballot that would repeal the so-called indexing measure. Read more …..

Robert Cappucci at Greater Boston Tea Party

Robert Cappucci is running for State Senate in the Second Middlesex District… including Medford, Somerville, parts of Cambridge and Winchester. His opponent has been there for far too long. She’s never met a tax she didn’t like, including the forever automatic gas tax increases. Too add insult to injury she takes commuting Per-Diem to travel from Somerville to Beacon Hill!  She favor unrestricted illegal immigration and making Massachusetts a magnet for illegal aliens. To that end she’s co-sponsored and or supported legislation to give them benefits like “in state tuition breaks” to our state colleges and MA driver’s licenses.  In the past she’s won awards from the “Democratic Socialists of America” and more recently was presenter of awards on their behalf.  She is not at all our grandparents’ type of working class Democrat. Rather she is an ivory tower elitist… who is out of touch with the real world and working people.

Please visit Robert Cappucci’s Website. Get involved in the campaign, make a donation to help End One Party Rule in Massachusetts.




                 AUGUST 20 AT 7 PM







State Committee Woman Lisa Barstow Makes The Case To End One Party Rule




By Lisa J. Barstow 
Posted Jul. 29, 2014 @ 5:23 pm


As a Republican State Committee member representing Brookline, Newton and Wellesley, I daily encounter what I call “an irrational disdain” for Republicans — to the level of personal attacks to my face simply because of my party affiliation by otherwise intelligent, decent people. The reality vs. image of the Massachusetts Republican Party and its candidates is far different than the image emblazoned in the minds of many of my neighbors in Obama-Warren-Kennedy country — but let’s save that image issue for another day.

Today, I have to ask my fellow Massachusetts citizens who vote Democrat how they can justify support for a party which controls every aspect of Beacon Hill after all the revelations in the Probation Department scandal and its cancerous appendages that reach far beyond one department of the Patrick administration.

Racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and mail fraud will send the former Probation chief to federal prison, maybe for 20 years, for running an agency that resembles a Whitey Bulger enterprise — an organized crime syndicate taking care of its own — and operating a little too close for comfort to Democrat House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Democrat Senate President Therese Murray.

Continue reading….

A Newly Re-written Buffer Zone Law – Really?

Mark Fisher, Republican Candidate for Governor of MA comments on today’s proceedings at the State House in Boston:
Today, the House of Representatives is discussing a new Buffer Zone Law.
Photo from Hearing (nearly empty auditorium throughout the event except when the pro-lifers were present in the a.m.)
The recent Supreme Court, unanimous 9-0 decision against the MA buffer zone law showed that Liberals and Conservatives on the bench can come together and agree on this issue.  This decision should be hailed by both Pro-Life and Pro-choice groups because it allows women greater opportunity to receive added information on which to make informed choices.  Those who oppose this decision show their true colors as being Pro-Abortion and not Pro-Choice!In the course of the arguments for this case it was asked if there was evidence of violence outside of abortion clinics.  No such evidence could be produced.  This is surprising in two ways.  First, the pro-abortion crowd talks constantly about such violence.  Second, even though looking like branches of the NSA with all their surveillance cameras, Abortion clinics were not able to document any violence by Pro-Life counselors.  This is because violence done to women at these clinics is performed on the inside of them, not on the streets outside of them.  The recent, horrifying story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell proves this only too well.  But, this story did not receive the coverage it deserved.  If it had, the truth about the violence against women at abortion clinics would have been told, and this is the first step in preventing it.Mark Fisher has received the endorsement of Mass Citizens for Life (MCFL).  He agrees with MCFL president Anne Fox in her statements: “Massachusetts Citizens for Life urges the legislature to let law enforcement apply existing laws before writing any new ones.” “Let’s not waste the time of the legislators and the tax money of the citizens to end up before the Supreme Court again.”

For more information about Mark Fisher for Governor, visit www.markfisher2014.com

VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVE, Saturday, July 26th Athol-Mahar Pop Warner vendor fair in the field at the Orange airport.


The committee to elect Karen Anderson for State Representative announced today the sponsorship of a voter registration drive Saturday, July 26th. The drive will take place at the Athol-Mahar Pop Warner vendor fair in the field at the Orange airport.

Karen Anderson and her team will be working the booth from 7:00AM until 3:00PM. “Here is your opportunity to voice your opinion on how you want your Town, your State, and your Country to be governed.

If you neglect to vote you are allowing others to make the decision for you.  As a citizen it is your right and privilege to participate in choosing one whom will represent you to make those decisions that will help you live a better, more productive life in the “pursuit of peace and happiness.” said Anderson about the importance of encouraging voter registration.  In addition she added “If you are not registered to voter already, you have this opportunity on Saturday to do so and support a community organization “.

Pop Warner is a great place to learn to help one another in skills that are necessary to living peaceably with our neighbors. Teamwork, by doing your best and having someone to help you when you come up short, encourages you to expand and grow your own skills while helping others. What a great opportunity to lead by example and register to vote, doing your part in our community, and sign up your youngster to have fun and learn skills that will help them through their lifetime.

Karen Anderson, a Republican candidate from Orange is running for State Representative in the Second Franklin District. The Republican primary election will be held on September 9th. More information can be found at: www.KarenAnderson2014.com